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AirCap® Bubble Wrap

AirCap® Barrier Sealed Bubble Wrap

How does the barrier work?

The air retention barrier seals each bubble against air loss and gives AirCap® bubble extra strength to maintain its cushioning performance. Non-barrier bubble shows performance losses that increase the risk of product damage in transit.

A better value bubble.

  • Reduced Costs – less material is required compared to non-barrier brands.
  • Longer Lasting Protection – full air bubbles maintain consistent cushioning during storage and transit.

Quality Assurance – AirCap® is manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 guaranteeing high standards of production and quality control.

For quality bubble wrap Glasgow look no further than Ferrari Packaging. We supply the best quality protective supplies for your packaging along with bulk bubble wrap supplies for industries.

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Product name Code
AirCap® Bubble Wrap (1500mm slit 5x300mm x 50m) 43-49HL
AirCap® Bubble Wrap (1500mm slit 5x300mm x 45m) 43-49
AirCap® Bubble Wrap (1500mm slit 3x500mm x 50m) 43-36HL
AirCap® Bubble Wrap (1500mm slit 3x500mm x 45m) 43-36A
AirCap® Bubble Wrap (1500mm slit 3x500mm x 200m) 43-45EL200
AirCap® Bubble Wrap (1500mm slit 2x750mm x 50m) 43-35HL
AirCap® Bubble Wrap (1500mm slit 2x750mm x 45m) 43-35
AirCap® Bubble Wrap (1500mm slit 2x750mm x 200m) 43-31EL200
AirCap® Bubble Wrap (1200mm x 50m) 43-88BHL
AirCap® Bubble Wrap (1200mm x 45m) 43-88B
AirCap® Bubble Wrap (1200 x 200m) 43-94EL200
AirCap Bubble Wrap (1500mm slit 3x500mm x 200m) 43-02EL200

AirCap® Barrier Sealed Bubble Wrap


Are you looking for extra strength bubble wrap in Glasgow? Purchasing bubble wrap in bulk may also save you on costings. At Ferrari Packaging we suggest that you add a layer or two of bubble wrap and the small pockets of air will keep the item inside carefully cushioned from other items moving while in transit.


Packaging Products with Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is not an unusual method of protective packaging, however Air Cap bubble wrap is extra special – lasting longer and providing elongated cushioning.  

Don’t be over confident using heavy duty double wall cardboard boxes. Doubled wall cardboard boxes are great but it is important that you pack your items properly with filling and cushioning materials.  

Depending on the journey, It is not unusual for a box to suffer some damage by puncturing. This is the mistake that many businesses make and it could cost your organisation thousands of pounds reimbursing customers due to damaged purchases.

Protective Packaging

No matter what distance your package is going, we advise all our customers that bubble wrap should always be used as protective packaging. This simple, affordable type of packaging will provide your stock an n extra layer of protection in case the outer box fails.

AirCap Bar Technology has features that will give your packages the ultimate comfort during long journeys or time in storage.  At Ferrari Packaging we sell both economy and Aircap bubble wrap. There are lots of advantages of using Aircap:

  • Better Cushioning
  • Longer Lasting Protection
  • Reduced Packaging Cost
  • Source Reduction
  • Reusable/recyclable
  • Higher Yield than Non-Barrier Brands


Packing with Bubble Wrap

Have your bubble wrap at the ready when you are packing a box for storage. Bulk bubble wrap is an excellent method of protection to more fragile items. Storing delicate items with heavier ones may be necessary when you are trying to save space and money, however, make sure you are applying bubble wrapping. This will keep your goods safe from harm like What’s more, you don’t have to worry about much water damage as bubble wrap is plastic!


There are very few reasons not to make sure your products are protected by purchasing bulk bubble wrap. For your packaging solutions, invest in the tried and tested best method for the protection of your items. Make the easy decision and buy your bubble wrap Glasgow from Ferrari Packaging today.

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