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Protect your products with polythene bags from Ferrari Packaging

Bags & Sacks

Bags & Sacks

Ferrari Packaging stock an extensive range of polythene bags and sacks for a wide variety of applications including polythene bags, grip seal bags and black and clear refuse sacks. 

Whether you're looking for polythene bags to protect items against dust, static and moisture whilst in storage, for retail purposes or for the disposal of rubbish, you will find the bags or sacks you need in our range.


Grip seal bags


Our heavy duty grip seal bags are available in a range of sizes, from 100mm x 150mm up to 240mm x 320mm.

We supply multiple varieties of grip seal bags such as plain and bags which have write on panels.

The grip seal bag is made of very strong polythene which ensures the bags contents is kept secure and won’t burst, causing its contents to fall out. The bag has a sealing feature which helps keep the bag secure and won’t randomly open, like cheaper versions of our grip seal bags do.

Our sealing polythene bags are waterproof so you can store fragile items like memory cards inside and keep them away from any risks of water damaging it. You could also store metal objects inside the bags and help keep them away from rust.

The clear material helps quickly identify what is in each bag instead of having to manually open every bag. This is a great feature which aids with organisation, for example a joiner can store their nails and screws in separate bags and with our write on panel grip seal bags they can label the different sizes too.


Polythene bags


Our polythene bag selection is ideal if you require a clear plastic bag to store items in. Our polythene bags can help stop moisture and dust entering and protect your stored items.

Our polythene bag selection is available in sizes 4” X 6” up to 36” x 48”, so our poly bags can cater for a wide range of uses including both at home and for commercial uses.

We can provide polythene bags wholesale if you are looking to buy in bulk.


Refuse Sacks


We supply a wide range of refuse sacks in its standard size, 18” x 29” x 39”. We have both light duty and heavy duty refuse sacks to cater for your requirements, as well as supplying both black and clear bin bags.

Our Refuse Sacks can be used both at home and for commercial uses too.

Popular household uses of our refuse bin bags include:

  • Using as a bin liner indoors.
  • Filling with household rubbish for the bin collectors.
  • Storing old clothes and pillows etc in.
  • Storing kids toys and household appliances.

Popular Commercial uses of our refuse bin bags:

  • Bin liners indoors and outdoors.
  • Used to store packaged food during transit.
  • Used during festivals and events for rubbish collection.
  • Storing paper waste.


Our heavy duty clear refuse sacks  is excellent if you want to ensure you are putting the correct waste in each bag. The clear refuse bags are also good for security reasons as you can easily see what is in the bag.

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