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BDCM Single Wall Boxes

Benefits of BDCM single wall boxes

  • Single wall boxes have a Kraft paper outer liner.
  • Test paper inner liner.
  • Industry standard.
  • Easy to palletise.
  • Recyclable and biodegradable.


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Product name Code
BDCM Single Wall Box (394 x 294 x 188mm) 35-BDCM4
BDCM Single Wall Box (394 x 294 x 388mm) 35-BDCM2
BDCM Single Wall Box (594 x 294 x 188mm) 35-BDCM3
BDCM Single Wall Box (595 x 295 x 388mm) 35-BDCM1

A range of single wall boxes commonly used within retail or catalogue industries, these BDCM boxes come pre-printed with text on the box. All BDCM single wall boxes have a Kraft paper outer liner and a Test paper inner liner.

Bulk Distribution Cartons Metric (BDCM) are the standard packaging boxes that are used in the retail, catalogue and  clothing industry. So much so, that often many retailers will not accept deliveries unless the boxes that supply the stock are BDCM certified. Our single walled BDCM boxes come with standard printing on the side of the box as an assurance of quality. BDCM single wall boxes are robust and sturdy which ensures the safety of the goods inside.

Did you know that for every tonne of cardboard that we recycle, we could save up to nine cubic yards of landfill space? That’s why Ferrari packaging only sell 100% degradable and recyclable high-quality material, double and single wall boxes. Our sustainable cardboard boxes are perfect for heavier or more sensitive goods that need protected whilst in storage or during packing.

All our bulk cardboard boxes come packaged completely flat, so are perfect for storing until you need them. What’s more, they do not degrade over time so can be stored over long periods of time without losing their ability to protect your items.

The boxes are designed to fit easily onto 1200 x 1000 pallets, making your whole packaging strategy more streamlined. Boxes will not have to be moved individually, and instead can be moved in multiples, reducing the amount of labour needed for one job and makes shipment of the items smoother throughout the supply chain.

Ferrari's BDCM products contain approximately 80% recycled material and are 100% recyclable, reusable & biodegradable. This is great for companies who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. What's more, today consumers are looking to engage more with brands who take steps towards environmentally friendly strategies. The EU have targets in place to reduce packaging waste by 2030, by investing in biodegradable boxes your company can help achieve these.

Benefits of BDCM boxes

  • Industry standard boxes for retail & clothing
  • Sturdy, reliable cardboard boxes
  • Printed for supplier details, there is space for adding information such as supplier name, catalogue number and colour
  • Supplied flat to save storage, simply seal flaps and secure with vinyl packing tape.

Using these boxes as part of your company's packaging strategy will prevent damage to your goods. The cardboard acts not only as a shock absorber but also an insulator. This is a great benefit for goods that are shipped over long distances and may come under climatic changes. Goods in transit will inevitably come under some turbulence, so it's vital preventative measures are in place to reduce the costly and time-wasting frustration of refunds and claims.



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