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Archive for February, 2016

How To Choose The Right Strapping Material


Today’s industries supply thousands upon thousands of products to warehouses around the world. Technology in both transportation and packaging has had to catch up with other advances, from digital technology to changes in the ways we travel. Sending items in transit requires extra protection to coincide with health and safety laws around the world – and to ensure that all products you send arrive safely.


Top 6 Tapes for Packing Boxes


Packing your products into boxes is the first step to sending your items to their location safely. The next is knowing how to securely seal them to keep them safe from accidental damage and theft. Choosing the right kind of tape for your boxes depends upon where the box is going to be, if it is going to be in transit, and for how long. Simply using weak sellotape will not work for large moving boxes or those moving between businesses. Choosing the correct tape for your boxes will help to keep your items safe. The following list is a great guide for anybody unsure which tape to choose.


How Important Is Packaging When Selling Products?


If you have ever visited eBay and bought an item online, you will understand the anxiety of waiting for your item to arrive safely and on time. Private sellers are given a little more scrutiny for many reasons, but there is one that stands out above the rest: packaging.


How To Package A Parcel


Being able to send items in the mail has revolutionised the way we communicate and build our businesses. Receiving letters and parcels at your door from family and friends is great to come home to, and when you are looking to send a parcel back or are selling items, you need to know how to package a parcel correctly to avoid damage or loss in transit. Depending upon the business you are in, you will need different packaging measures. For smaller items, this helpful list will help guide you through the process of correctly packing and wrapping a parcel that is ideal for shipment.


Top 4 Uses For Bubble Wrap


Next to cardboard boxes, one of the most widely known and available packaging materials on the market is bubble wrap. Everybody knows bubble wrap from hours of sitting down as a kid popping the bubbles while your parents fixed up a new set of shelves. Nowadays, bubble wrap can be found almost everywhere – and for good reason. It is one of the most versatile products available to date and is one of the cheapest when you buy bulk bubble wrap from Ferrari Packaging.


Stress-Free Removals with Cardboard Home Moving Kits


There comes a time, not very often, that we and our belongings have to move on. Whether that be moving home or to a different office, there are a lot of items that have to be carefully transported to and from a brand new location. It is understandable why people find removals to be incredibly stressful. You are packing away your life into boxes and the clutter generated simply by living in the property that you ignored at first has come back to haunt you. The last thing that you want to think about having to organise is where to get moving boxes to protect your memories and investments.


The Best Strapping Materials For Your Business


Securing pallets and products are a challenge that all companies involved in packaging and shipping face. Without the correct security measures taken, the safety and security of both staff and products can be compromised. Purchasing stretch wrap can be beneficial, however when it comes to the best security for the pallet as a whole, strapping is the packaging material that you should consider purchasing.


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