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How Important Is Packaging When Selling Products?


If you have ever visited eBay and bought an item online, you will understand the anxiety of waiting for your item to arrive safely and on time. Private sellers are given a little more scrutiny for many reasons, but there is one that stands out above the rest: packaging.

In 2009, 36% of the packaging market was invested in cardboard and paper alone[1], speaking volumes of the amount of effort packaging industries take to deliver products safely. The packaging of any product may not be at the forefront of your mind when buying, but it makes a difference for the seller.

There is always less worrying about how your package will arrive when ordered from a trusted retailer like Amazon, but you may be uncertain how private businesses invest in packaging, resulting in a little more concern. Knowing how much of a focus we place on the packaging of our products, how important is packaging when selling them?

Avoiding Criticism from Customers


Your business cannot afford to have negative criticism when you are trying to promote good customer service and attention to detail. Many businesses have found themselves in hot water after failing to safely deliver items to doorsteps correctly, so investing in quality packaging is all too important. Keep in mind what your customers are expecting to find and ensure that you are delivering that.

Making use of good quality packing boxes Glasgow can protect your items during transit. Much like Amazon, companies who are dedicated to using high-quality double wall cardboard boxes are more likely to have a better reputation due to correct packaging requirements for all items. Make sure that you are not falling behind when sending your products.

Products Can Be Easily Damaged


No matter how many times you write ‘Fragile’ on a box, without the correct packaging measures a more fragile item is more likely to be damaged while being sent, and that is a fact. Even items you may not think could be damaged could have forced damage due to how the package is treated when moving from place to place. A study even found that writing ‘fragile’ does not always save your items and can actually make them more prone to damage.

In 2006, Royal Mail admitted that over 14 million letters and parcels were damaged that year[2], demonstrating that many items may not have been adequately prepared for shipment. The correct packaging supplies Glasgow will keep your business with sending out quality products that can survive damage better. For fragile items, bubble wrap Glasgow is one of the best protective packaging supplies your business can invest in.

With AirCap air retention barrier technology, the pockets of air are protected from leaking air like standard cheaper bubble wrap does, giving your items better protection for longer. It works well to form a barrier against external damage – not bad for an item that was originally intended to be wallpaper.[3]

Unpredictable Weather


It is not only the treatment of your package by the postal workers that could potentially cause your package to be damaged. Weather, particularly here in Scotland, is known for causing disruptions and damage to the postal services. Weather that can damage your parcel ranges from snow, ice, wind, and rain. Ensuring that you are prepared for all foreseeable events is crucial for a successful delivery.

Larger items are often stretch wrapped for extra protection against water damage. At Ferrari Packaging, we supply wholesale stretch wrap suitable for all pallets and products, giving you peace of mind no matter the weather.  Stretch wrap is a strong plastic film that is unable to be damaged by the weather and is unable to be penetrated by rain. Pallets are often wrapped in stretch film to protect them against prolonged outdoor storage conditions and help items stay wrapped together.

Keeping smaller products inside your parcels wrapped in stretch wrap or shrink wrap will protect against weather damage, so make sure you do not let your items be left at the hands of the weather.

Protective Packaging Is Viewed as Responsible


Larger companies are trusted because they take care in packaging your items for transportation. Your business can flourish with the use of further protective packaging supplies such as inflatable packaging which is used to protect multiple items from moving around and obtaining damage. One roll of inflatable packaging can replace the amount of coverage given by seven bags of packing peanuts[4] – saving your company money while giving packages more reliable protection.

Customers appreciate the effort taken by a company to keep their products safe, so having this understanding can be important when keeping your customers returning to you. If you are looking for an eco-friendly option for your packaging that customers will be able to appreciate, try our 100% biodegradable Loosefill packing chips. Simply placing them beside your items inside a heavy-duty double-wall cardboard box will keep the item from moving during transportation and reduce the risk of breakage.

Packaging is Important to You and Your Customers


Your reputation as a business relies on the attention you give to the little pieces of the business. The product has to be good, and so does your packaging. An attractive design to your product packaging will be more thought-provoking and impressive to customers who will be more likely to purchase it, and the care you take in the packaging for delivery will also help them to gather information on the kind of business that you are: reliable, trustworthy, and one they can return to.




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