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How To Choose The Right Strapping Material


Today’s industries supply thousands upon thousands of products to warehouses around the world. Technology in both transportation and packaging has had to catch up with other advances, from digital technology to changes in the ways we travel. Sending items in transit requires extra protection to coincide with health and safety laws around the world – and to ensure that all products you send arrive safely.

Strapping comes in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. With different requirements for a variety of packages we now transport, innovative new strapping has been developed. Since the first steel strapping was introduced years before other strapping materials, there is now an almost unlimited supply of choices for every packaging industry. Yet how do you know which strapping material is the right one for your items?

Compare Strapping Materials

A good general guide to the different types of strapping material on the market is shown in the table below. Most companies will seek to apply their products against the four attributes of strapping materials: elongation, break strength, corrosion resistance, and UV resistance.


Every package is different. A business that straps and ships multiple types of products may have to invest in more than one kind of strapping material with the use of various pallet strapping tools Glasgow. If your item needs better elongation, polypropylene strapping may be your best bet. For UV resistance, steel and zinc-coated strapping are excellent. It is all about knowing your product and understanding the attributes of each type of strapping.

Assess the Weight and Durability of Products


Investing in the wrong strapping material can cause serious damage to your items. There have been numerous cases of pallets collapsing due to incorrect strapping materials being used and items becoming deformed by strapping that would fail to leave room for some movement where softer products are concerned. Your business cannot afford to let the simpler mistakes of using the wrong strapping negatively affect you.

Heavier products need strapping materials that are less prone to snapping and breakages. For this reason, a high tensile strength strapping option is best. Steel strapping UK is the strongest of all types of strapping material and offers the best break strength resistance. Heavy products will not be able to tear it and its lack of elasticity ensures products remain secure.

Products that are perhaps softer and are prone to external damage would benefit from strapping that has a little more elasticity and good break strength. Corded polyester strapping is perfect for any items that are heavy and may be more prone to snapping any strapping material, however the lighter material and elongation it has makes it good for items that may be damaged more easily.

Where Is Your Product Going?


You need to ask yourself where your items are going to go before you consider applying strapping to them. Different materials can react to different situations. For example, items that are going to be in transit need strapping that can handle a lot of movement and potential for other packages to come into contact with it. Materials that are easier to break with friction and movement should not be attempted to be used.

Weather conditions for pallets in outdoor storage, or those that are in transit, would do well to have strapping that is preferably plastic-based. Steel strapping can be effective due to its ability not to erode away, but it can have rust if it is not a true stainless steel. Plastic strapping works far better for outdoor weather protection as it is not as susceptible to any form of erosion including rust.

Extruded polyester strapping is twice as strong as regular polypropylene strapping and has an elastic memory which ensures packages will remain secure regardless of shrinkage, making it ideal in all weather conditions – particularly in cold weather where metal-based products can shrink.

How Long Is the Item Going to Be in Strapping?


Much like when paying attention to weather, depending on how long your item will be in strapping, you must consider a different strapping material. Ferrari Packaging supplies Glasgow supply strapping that can be great for prolonged use in storage or long periods of transit.

Ensure that your products are stable when they are strapped and use a material that will be able to adjust to any changes that may occur during longer periods of time. Invest in strapping that has elastic memory, good tensile strength, and good UV resistance.

Corded polyester strapping can potentially be a good choice though it can lose its tension. One of the better options would be steel. Take storage areas and length of strapped time into consideration when making your supply purchases.

Evaluate Your Budget

No business can afford to pay for materials they are not going to use. The below chart indicates from four materials which is the most expensive and which is perhaps the most economic.

Source: AAAPackaging.com

Steel strapping is, of course, the most expensive form of strapping, but it does have the greatest break strength levels. In comparison, the most economic option for a business that may have a slightly smaller budget would be polypropylene strapping. With some of the best moisture and impact resistance with good elongation possibilities for making the most from each inch of material, it makes a great product for any business’s strapping needs.

Choose High Quality Strapping Tools and Materials


At Ferrari Packaging, we have the best quality strapping tools and materials available for bulk purchase for all industries. If your business is looking for quality assured in every product, contact us at Ferrari Packaging for all your packaging supplies Glasgow and throughout the UK.

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