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How To Package A Parcel


Being able to send items in the mail has revolutionised the way we communicate and build our businesses. Receiving letters and parcels at your door from family and friends is great to come home to, and when you are looking to send a parcel back or are selling items, you need to know how to package a parcel correctly to avoid damage or loss in transit. Depending upon the business you are in, you will need different packaging measures. For smaller items, this helpful list will help guide you through the process of correctly packing and wrapping a parcel that is ideal for shipment.

1.     Write Your Labels

Around 500,000 letters go missing in the mail every week so it is common knowledge that getting your addresses right is crucial for the delivery process. It is very important that you write your labels first so you do not forget about them at a later stage. A return address label ensures that your item will be returned to you in case delivery is not able to be fulfilled. It is also great as extra cover in case the delivery address becomes damaged and unable to be read.

Make sure that your labels are covered in either clear tape or laminated to protect the ink from water damage. Ferrari Packaging supply bulk labels wholesale, providing our services for businesses who need an industrial amount of packaging supplies every week.

2.     Choose The Right Box


Cardboard boxes provide the best and cheapest protection for most shapes and weights of items. They are also much easier to be transported. Choosing the right kind of cardboard box could mean the difference between your parcel arriving at its destination, or getting a slip through the door saying your items have been damaged in transit. The latter could be avoided by choosing the correct packaging for your items.

There are different types of cardboard box including but not limited to the following:

When choosing your cardboard boxes Glasgow, first assess the weight of your items. If your items are heavier and would require more protection, select double wall cardboard boxes.  They are 100% biodegradable and have two inner layers of corrugated paper. Corrugated paper is capable of holding up to 200lbs per square inch, so you can be sure that your items will not simply fall through into the post bag during delivery.

For much larger packages we also stock plastic handles for corrugated boxes, making it easier to transport your items should they be required.

3.     Pick Your Filling Materials

Every package that has room left for all items to move must be filled with extra packaging. Do not simply allow room to be left for your items to move freely inside your box as this could not only cause damage to the items but to the box itself. Statistics show that almost 11% of parcels delivered by UPS arrived at their destination damaged, so make sure that yours is not one of them and fill up all empty spaces with other materials.

Using loose fill packing chips is an environmentally friendly way to protect your items. They are 100% biodegradable, odourless and dust-free so your package does not trigger any allergies. They work the same as traditional polystyrene packing peanuts in that they are capable of filling up all free space inside your package, but are unique in the way they mould to the specific shape of your package. For the most environmentally friendly option available as an alternative to other forms of protective packaging, try these handy chips.

4.     Wrap Your Items In Protective Material


Wrapping up your items inside a parcel is often forgotten about when packing, but you should always remember this essential step. Choosing a protective material will keep your items safer and more secure than those without. One of the most popular and widely used of all protective materials is inflatable packaging. Inflatable packaging is on offer for all shapes and sizes of items, including inflatable bottle packaging and inflatable packaging for candles. No matter your items, we will have the packaging solution for you.

The most commonly used form of inflatable packaging is bubble wrap. You can imagine that protective packaging is widely used given that in 2013 over $20million was spent by industries on packaging materials alone. Finding the right material for you in this huge market could not be easier at Ferrari Packaging.

We supply AirCap bubble wrap Glasgow which has a unique air retention barrier to keep the air inside the bubbles longer. This makes AirCap the perfect bubble wrap for parcels that have a long distance to travel or those that may need a little more security during transit. Forgetting to wrap fragile items in bubble wrap may cost you some damage, so be careful not to forget!

5.     Seal Your Box With Packaging Paper and Tape

You’ve neatly filled up your box with your wrapped items and filled all the extra spaces – great! You’re almost ready to send away your perfectly packaged parcel. Use brown packing tape to seal down the lid of your box securely.

The last step is to use protective brown Kraft paper to wrap up the outside of your box. This may seem unusual with the box already protecting your items, but a packing paper roll wrapped carefully around your parcel is able to protect the box itself from more damage and adds an extra layer of protection against the weather.


Once your box is sealed and wrapped, stick on your adhesive labels and you’re finished! All that is left for you to do is hand it over to the post office, sit back, and relax as they process your item to its destination. Your parcel will be able to make its way safely and securely with minimal damage.

As a side note, if your item is going overseas, take some extra precautions such as using more tape or packaging paper to ensure the contents are not damaged easily during the sometimes lengthy shipment process. Good luck, and make the most out of your packaging!








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