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The Best Strapping Materials For Your Business


Securing pallets and products are a challenge that all companies involved in packaging and shipping face. Without the correct security measures taken, the safety and security of both staff and products can be compromised. Purchasing stretch wrap can be beneficial, however when it comes to the best security for the pallet as a whole, strapping is the packaging material that you should consider purchasing.

There are different types of strapping available depending upon your business’s needs. At Ferrari Packaging Supplies Glasgow, we are dedicated to bringing our customers the best materials for their companies. The strapping materials below are all available with us and are the best options available for all strapping requirements.

1.     Polypropylene Strapping

One of the most adaptable forms of strapping available on the packaging supplies market is polypropylene strapping. It is crafted with flexibility in mind, supple enough to be wrapped easily around difficult packages and pallets while maintaining its ability to hold itself strongly around the product. It is the lightest form of strapping available too, meaning that if purchasing hand polypropylene strapping it can easily be moved throughout the warehouse without strain to the employee.

Polypropylene strapping kits include all that is needed to start your company in strapping its output packages. With an entry level strapping kit that has all of the basics required such as your own polypropylene strapping dispenser, to more advanced kits with differing tools depending upon your tasks required. Ferrari Packaging offers strapping kits that include metal seal plastic strapping and combination tools. If you are unsure which kit would best suit you, contact us today.

2.     Steel Strapping


The most widely used form of strapping in larger industrial sectors who are packaging irregularly shaped, sharp pallets and parcels often use steel strapping. Heavier consignments are easier to contain and hold together using steel, as plastic can be more prone to deforming and stretching whereas steel is capable of holding its own shape and protecting pallets and products from falling despite their weight. Sharp edges can also be a problem as they are able to dig away at the plastic of many pieces of strapping, but steel eliminates this problem.

Depending upon the size of the application required for your items, there are numerous diameters of steel strapping available to purchase that are perfect for both large and small duties respectively. Wound ribbon coils are best for these smaller, lighter duties while we have other larger coils of steel strapping available for more heavy duty applications.  You should use a steel strapping dispenser to ensure that your strapping materials remain secure and undamaged. Browse the full range of steep strapping dispensers and kits to buy steel strapping for your business today.

3.     Polyester Strapping

The last – and one of the strongest – strapping solutions on the market is polyester strapping. It is available in two types; extruded and woven.

Extruded polyester strapping is two times as strong as standard polypropylene strapping and you are able to purchase up to three times more polyester strapping on a reel as you are steel. With the ability to retain its elasticity, it won’t matter if your packages move – the strapping will remain tightly in place, securing all items to protect them efficiently throughout transit. It is also very durable and less prone to breaking and tears than polypropylene strapping. Woven polyester strapping, on the other hand, is perfect for using with heavier pallets and containers. Six-times lighter than steel strapping, yet almost as strong, it can be useful for businesses looking for a working alternative to steel strapping.


There are many different products available that will assist in the use of polyester strapping throughout your business. We supply buckles for woven polyester strapping, ensuring that the strapping remains tight and secure across your pallets.

Polyester strapping is one of the best options for industrial professionals and for smaller businesses requiring packaging supplies in Glasgow and around the country. At Ferrari packaging, we are able to provide bulk supplies of strapping materials, allowing for much larger savings overall for businesses. Buying in bulk is a more affordable, cost-effective, and time-saving method for buying in your supplies. This applies to not only strapping, but to all packaging supplies that we provide, including cardboard boxes for moving house, bubble wrap Glasgow, and inflatable packaging. No matter which supplies you require, Ferrari Packaging is your bulk supply specialists.

4.     Strapping Machines

The big budget alternative to hand strapping your items is using strapping machines. These high-tech pieces of kit are efficient and cost-effective in the long run of their use. By using strapping machines, which have great durability, a business can find itself saving money every month by using less manual labour and efficiently manage monthly costs.

At Ferrari Packaging, we have a selection of semi-automatic strapping machines available for purchase at competitive prices alongside bulk strapping. The machine works to strap packages by sealing them in polypropylene strapping around a number of shapes and sizes of packages.  Sealing the ends with its secure heat weld with automatic tensioning of the strap, each job can be completed with minimal effort required. What makes our machines even better is that when not in use, the engine turns off, but as soon as a new piece of strapping is inserted, the engine will automatically restart itself.


Safe, compact, and fully portable for movement across the work site, your business will have a lot to gain from the use of these strapping machines. Whether you are a smaller business looking for a faster way to process your items, or are larger and simply looking for the best ways to complete your daily packaging tasks at a more efficient speed to increase output, you will find what you are looking for in our strapping machines.

No matter the item you have in mind for your packaging supply requirements, Ferrari Packaging Supplies Glasgow have everything you need. Bubble wrap Glasgow, stretch wrap machines, polypropylene strapping kits, heavy-duty cardboard boxes – you name it, we provide it. Find out more by browsing our website, or contact us for more information for your bulk packaging supplies Glasgow.

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