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Top 4 Uses For Bubble Wrap


Next to cardboard boxes, one of the most widely known and available packaging materials on the market is bubble wrap. Everybody knows bubble wrap from hours of sitting down as a kid popping the bubbles while your parents fixed up a new set of shelves. Nowadays, bubble wrap can be found almost everywhere – and for good reason. It is one of the most versatile products available to date and is one of the cheapest when you buy bulk bubble wrap from Ferrari Packaging.

As it is quite versatile, there are numerous applications for bubble wrap within and beyond the packaging industry. The top uses for bubble wrap are the following.

1.     Packaging Products


The industry that uses bubble wrap the most is, of course, packaging. With requirements for a multitude of items to be sealed and packed securely, there are hundreds of different packaging supplies used worldwide. Getting your new computer to you is not quite as easy as you may first think. A lot of thought goes into the packaging process for different items depending on how fragile they can be.

Heavy duty double wall cardboard boxes can protect your items from a lot of damage, holding their shape against the weight of other packages easily. However, this is only one line of defence. Should the box suffer from damage by puncturing, the items inside could potentially still be damaged.  That is why bubble wrap should be used, offering an extra layer of protection in case the outer box fails in not sustaining damage. Without using filler packaging material, your items can suffer some real damage. Ensure your packages are fully protected against all eventualities and wrap your products in bubble wrap Glasgow.

2.     Moving Home


We often don’t realise just how many items we have in our home until we have to move. Packaging away your life into boxes can be a laborious task, but it has to be done. Just what are you going to do with the fine china or the collection of glasses you’ve built up over the years? They cannot simply be put into a box full of other kitchenware and left as they are. Without a layer of protection, your more fragile items will suffer damage.

When moving home one of the most common problems people have is the damage done by items in a box to others in the same casing. You would never place heavy items on top of an unprotected television screen, so why decide to do so when moving? Keep your items packed together in an intelligent manner. This is where bubble wrap comes into a league of its own. As you can purchase bubble wrap bulk you are able to have roll upon roll of the best protective packaging available to you. Simply wrap up items you do not want to damage in a layer or two of bubble wrap and the small pockets of air will keep the item inside carefully cushioned from other items moving while in transit.

With layers that can be wrapped tightly and securely around even the oddest of shapes, bubble wrap makes the best solution for all items in your home. Never leave your items’ fate to chance – always wrap them up with Ferrari Packaging bulk bubble wrap.

3.     Storage


As with moving home, storage solutions need to be carefully planned in order to ensure the protection of all items contained within your choice of storage container. Cardboard works well for short term indoor solutions, and plastic containers make for the best long-term storage solution due to their weather resistance and strength. Inside the outer shell, however, your items should still have another key layer of protection.

Bubble wrapping items intended for long periods of storage is another of the best applications of the product. Although storage items are not in transit and therefore are not going to be prone to movement, there is still a risk of items damaging one another when left alone. The ‘better safe than sorry’ phrase applies here too. Numerous people have found damage caused to their items without understanding what happened as they were in storage, but there can always be potential for damage.

Even when packing a box for storage you should take extra care and bubble wrap your items first. Scratches, chips, and cracks are all too common in fragile storage boxes. Bulk bubble wrap can provide a way to protect a number of fragile items. Storing fragile items with heavier ones can often be useful when trying to save space and money, so bubble wrapping is very efficient in helping save money and space. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about much water damage as bubble wrap is plastic! At Ferrari Packaging we stock AirCap bubble wrap which is well suited for longer durations of storage due to the double payer of plastic that protects the air pockets within, extending their usage life to keep your items protected for longer.

4.     Postal Transit


If you have posted a parcel recently, you will know that it is always recommended to pack items with filler material to ensure that items are protected for the duration of their journey. Whether that be in a postal van or an aeroplane, bubble wrap has revolutionised the way we send and receive our mail. Very rarely do you pick up a parcel that is not in a bubble wrapped envelope or get items from sellers on places such as eBay that are not filled with protective packaging.

Bubble wrap envelopes are a great alternative to boxes for sending smaller items in the post, and there is no need for wrapping the items inside as they are already protected. Bubble wrapping items placed into boxes can help to make sure that the items are not damaged when the boxes are moved around during transit. It can help to ensure that your parcels are not being subjected to too much damage.

Bubble Wrap: Packaging Made Easy

There are very few reasons not to make sure your products are protected by purchasing bulk bubble wrap. For your packaging solutions, invest in the tried and tested best method for the protection of your items. Make the easy decision and buy your bubble wrap Glasgow from Ferrari Packaging today.


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