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Top 6 Tapes for Packing Boxes


Packing your products into boxes is the first step to sending your items to their location safely. The next is knowing how to securely seal them to keep them safe from accidental damage and theft. Choosing the right kind of tape for your boxes depends upon where the box is going to be, if it is going to be in transit, and for how long. Simply using weak sellotape will not work for large moving boxes or those moving between businesses. Choosing the correct tape for your boxes will help to keep your items safe. The following list is a great guide for anybody unsure which tape to choose.

First, when considering which packing tape to choose consider the following about your packages:

  • Weight
  • Stability
  • Value
  • Length and Width
  • Box strength
  • Shipping Method

By evaluating your products to have compiled answers to the above, you will be able to find the most suitable tape for your business requirements.

1.      Vinyl Tape


When looking for brown packing tape wholesale, it is likely our vinyl tape that you are thinking of. Did you know there is much more to your brown packing tape than simply holding together your boxes? Vinyl tape is made from PVC to be used for products with not only a long shelf life but those that are heavier stored in weaker boxes.

With premium quality assured in every roll, vinyl tape has the added benefit of being resistant to both humidity and temperature changes alongside exposure of moisture and chemicals. For any boxes that need to be left in storage for a longer period of time, vinyl tape is the packing tape you need.

2.      Polypropylene Acrylic Adhesive Tape


Does your business prefer to be more environmentally friendly when using packing materials? With almost 200,000 tonnes of waste plastics every year in countries Polypropylene acrylic adhesive tape is a water-based tape that is free of the solvents used in other tapes, including hot melt tape. It is a sturdy tape that is capable of sealing heavy boxes, available from Ferrari Packaging in both buff and clear to give you choice in the presentation of your boxes. This tape is cost effective and suitable for general operations including carton sealing as it will not tear as easily as standard sellotape.

3.      Duct Tape


Unsure where to buy duct tape UK? Ferrari Packaging are leading suppliers of wholesale duct tape to businesses across the UK and there is little denying the heavy duty effective properties of duct tape. Offering a professional solution for heavy duty adhesive tasks, duct tape can be used for products of varying shapes, sizes, and weights.

Duct tape is, by far, one of the strongest common household tapes that is used for multiple household and industrial purposes. With over $100m spent each year on duct tape[i], it is clear to see its popularity among consumers. If you are looking for a packing tape that is suitable for wrapping carpets, flooring, and even household cables, duct tape may be your solution for more than just packaging.


Source: All Science Fair Projects

1.      Crossweave Reinforced Tape


Made with high quality glass fibre, crossweave reinforced tape is much sturdier and more secure than other tapes due to the ‘cross’ of the two directional glass fibre filaments that make up every inch of tape. This wholesale packing tape was made to be used with more heavy-duty applications as it is stronger than most standard packing tapes. No matter the application, crossweave reinforced tape will hold your items securely.

2.      Masking Tape


One of the weaker wholesale packing tapes on offer – but in no way the least useful – is masking tape. We are experienced masking tape suppliers with vast knowledge of the packaging industry as a whole. Masking tape is best to be used for purposes such as temporary surface protection due to its limited strength and durability.

Packing boxes with masking tape is not recommended due to its ease of tearing, however it can be good for the alignment of other tapes. Use masking tape as your initial guide and choose a thicker, more durable packing tape to keep the box sealed.

3.      Coloured and Printed Tape


There are many different coloured and printed tapes on the market if you are looking for something different to clear or brown packing tape, or if you require tape that ensures those handling your packages know the contents are fragile. Using coloured polypropylene tape not only keeps your boxes secure. The different colours enable you to assign colours to different packages for ease of identification in the warehouse.

For packages that require additional information across the surfaces to indicate the contents there are high quality polypropylene printed tapes. With options including ‘fragile’ and ‘warning’, you can ensure all contents are kept secure while handled with care during transit.

Choose The Right Tape

There are plenty of packing tapes to choose from – it is up to you to ensure you use the correct one for you. With bulk masking tape, brown packing tape wholesale, and more, Ferrari Packaging are your bulk packing tape suppliers of choice.

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