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Archive for March, 2016

Enjoy A Stress Free Move With House Moving Kits


Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful things in life. When you have so much on your mind, why add to this with the worry of wondering how to source the correct packaging equipment? With many homeowners scrambling to find spare moving equipment from their local green grocer, or using unsuitable and unstable materials they find around the home, Ferrari Packaging understood there was a real need for easily attainable domestic house moving kits to help reduce some of the stress homeowners suffer when making the big move.

The home packaging kits come in six sizes, from two bedroom kits to jumbo house moving kits. In these kits is everything you will need to ensure packaging your house is as stress free as possible. (more…)

The Best Packaging Materials For Your Business


When fulfilling the orders your customers place, both for small home businesses and larger industries, you must be prepared for protecting the items as they are delivered in the mail. Postal services are a notorious place for delicate items to become damaged, lost, or simply unable to be delivered. In fact, Royal Mail had over 120,000 complaints of lost mail in 2011 – from only 3 months of deliveries. Having the right packaging materials at your disposal can help to prevent lost mail and damage to your sent products. Which products are the best materials you should be using for your business, and where can you buy packaging materials in bulk?


A Complete Guide to Industrial Tape


Secure adhesion is a must when packaging your company’s goods making wrapping tape vital to the packaging needs of your company. This is particularly important when sending your goods in transit, or storing for long periods, as turbulence and changes to the environment can compromise the adhesive properties of your tape. Investing in the correct tape can often be all that stands between safe arrival of your products and broken goods. Regardless of your taping requirements, this guide will allow you to understand the best fit for your company needs.


Reduce Your Packaging Spend


Do you ever experience breakage or damage to your products when in transit? Would you like to discover ways to reduce your packaging spend? Well look no further as Ferrari Packaging are offering a free packaging review that will change the way that you package your products.


5 Reasons Why You Need Packing Stations


Every workplace needs a dedicated area for each operation and packaging is no different. If you cannot dedicate a small space of your office to the operations that your business conducts, very soon you will find that there is a lack of discipline and care. Packaging is no different. Finding a working solution for warehouse space issues can often simply be a case of needing a new workspace, and when dealing with packaging, a packing station could be the solution you are searching for.


The Advantages of Using Hand Stretch Wrap


When finding the best solutions for packaging in your business, finding the best leads for products can sometimes be a challenge. Protecting multiple types of product means having to find solutions that are universal across your business. No product is more important than the other, and keeping product waste to a minimum is crucial.


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