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5 Reasons Why You Need Packing Stations


Every workplace needs a dedicated area for each operation and packaging is no different. If you cannot dedicate a small space of your office to the operations that your business conducts, very soon you will find that there is a lack of discipline and care. Packaging is no different. Finding a working solution for warehouse space issues can often simply be a case of needing a new workspace, and when dealing with packaging, a packing station could be the solution you are searching for.

So why should you think to invest in packing stations? There are at least 5 good reasons as to why you should purchase some for your business, including:

  • Increasing Efficiency
  • Workplace Cleanliness
  • Safety
  • Ergonomically Sound
  • Customisable Workspace

A packing station is a tool that many businesses may forget about next to more commonly used items such as strapping and stretch wrap machines, but they have their benefits for both small and large businesses.

1.     Increasing Efficiency

In Western Europe, we use up to 26% of the world’s packaging supplies[1]. There are many industries who make use of different packaging materials, and there are ways to manage these tasks. A lot of a business’s time in the day is taken up by finding the correct materials to complete a task. Small businesses may find efficiency to be an absolute priority with minimal staff compared to larger businesses that may employ far more people to complete a task only one does in the small company.

Hand packing stations are able to keep all items for packaging close to the worker in one place, reducing the need to hunt for supplies. Everything from packing tape, bubble wrap, and scissors can be found on the packing station. A built in packing paper roll dispenser also helps to increase the amount of packages that a business can put out, with the potential for efficient workers to wrap and package increasing numbers of items compared to those that work without the assistance of a top quality packing station. Can your business afford to lose out on efficiency?

2.     Workplace Cleanliness

Alongside being efficient, a packing station helps to keep a warehouse clean. As with increasing efficiency by having all items close together, a worker will find that keeping their station clean and clear of waste products is far more achievable than without a hand packing station.

A clean workplace can promote a healthier work ethic for employees. Ensuring that they take care of their station enables them to feel more pride in their work, and establishes them as a valuable asset to the business. There is no use in having a workspace that is not clean and tidy for it will simply waste time and reduce morale. With places for each packaging product and tool, a hand packing station simply increases employees’ responsibility.

3.     Safety


A clean workstation is also important for the safety of all staff in the business. The packaging industry has many items of highly dangerous machinery, and businesses in recent years have been fined up to £15,000 for workplace accidents. However, a study in 2010 showed that workplace incidents in the packaging industry have started to decline, with a 67% reduction since 2003.[2]

Using packing stations ensures that all items, tools, and waste materials are kept tidied away. Having bins at the ends of your tables will ensure that waste does not need to be carried across the warehouse. Bubble wrap Glasgow, for example, could potentially tangle another worker’s feet and cause a fall, and old tape can potentially get stuck around trolley wheels, causing pallet disruption and further accidents. Keep your business running smoothly and choose packing stations to keep your staff safe.

4.     Ergonomically Sound

Nobody wants to find themselves working in conditions that make their body uncomfortable. That is why a packing station is, undoubtedly, necessary. Repetitive motion injuries are all too common in packaging jobs where the same motions are repeated time and time again. If muscles are stretched too far, this can cause additional discomfort. In the US, repetitive strain injury can be so common that it has caused almost $20billion per year of compensation payments.[3]

Packing stations allow the user to adjust various features, including height, width, and the positioning of their tools and products to make the job easier on their bodies. Nobody wants to be forced to work at a table too small or where no adjustments can be made to reduce the chances of strain. Giving employees the ability to change the ergonomics of their station will have better impacts on their general health and wellbeing.

5.     Customisable Workspace


Alongside movements being available for ergonomics, the customisable nature of a hand packing station allows users to, simply, be able to make it their own. Indeed, if there is a preference to have a shorter roll of paper, it can be changed. The top shelf doesn’t have to be used, and if you prefer your equipment all together on one shelf, there is nothing stopping you. Whatever you use and whichever products you prefer, you can customise your packing table with packaging supplies Glasgow you want to use.

Find the Right Packing Station

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