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Enjoy A Stress Free Move With House Moving Kits


Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful things in life. When you have so much on your mind, why add to this with the worry of wondering how to source the correct packaging equipment? With many homeowners scrambling to find spare moving equipment from their local green grocer, or using unsuitable and unstable materials they find around the home, Ferrari Packaging understood there was a real need for easily attainable domestic house moving kits to help reduce some of the stress homeowners suffer when making the big move.

The home packaging kits come in six sizes, from two bedroom kits to jumbo house moving kits. In these kits is everything you will need to ensure packaging your house is as stress free as possible.

Cardboard boxes

The kits contain heavy duty, double walled packing boxes to ensure that are your belongings are safe and secure during transit. A great benefit of using cardboard boxes is that they are completely biodegradable and recyclable meaning the environment won’t be harmed during the move. Once the move is complete, the cardboard boxes can be flattened down for easy disposal.

Handle- Cutter

In order to make lifting and carrying your packing boxes easier, the kit also includes a Box-Buddy box handle cutter. The Box-Buddy cuts ‘C’ shaped handles into the side of cardboard boxes in your desired location to help you move the heavy boxes while reducing the chances of suffering back pain and injuries.


Bubble Wrap

Everyone has items that are a little more delicate that need extra protection during a big move. Items such as glass, china and crystal may not make the journey unless properly protected. Bubble wrap is a staple when moving home. Included in a Ferrari home moving kit is quality AirCap Bubble Wrap Glasgow. AirCap bubble wrap is barrier sealed to prevent air loss, providing better cushioning and longer lasting protection to your valuables. In addition to wrapping individual items, the bubble wrap is also great to fill gaps in boxes, preventing items from moving inside the boxes during transit.


Packing Tape & Pen

The kit also comes with packing tape and a marker pen, allowing you to clearly label the boxes, making the process of unpacking as stress-free as possible. A trade tip is to label your boxes in large writing based on their weight so you know what to expect before attempting to lift them, this will help prevent injury. If more tape is needed, brown packing tape is available wholesale.

Polythene Covers

When moving, some items may end up in storage and need protection from the environment. In order to protect your furniture from dirt and damp during the move, the kit includes heavy duty polythene covers in various sizes for bigger items such as mattresses and smaller pieces like arm chairs. The covers can be easily placed over your items and then secured using the packing tape provided.


Cardboard Wardrobe Hangers

Packing clothes for removal can often end in frustration due to unruly coat hangers resisting conventional packing. Cardboard wardrobe cartons allow you to pack and move your clothes easily and securely. The cardboard wardrobes come with a hanging pole and sealable door to ensure your clothes can be stored and moved safely. As an extra bonus, all the extra tall cardboard wardrobe boxes have space at the bottom for shoes and accessories.

Moving house is extremely demanding, but utilising a professional moving kit by Ferrari Packaging when packing up your home and you’ll be sure to take some of the strain of the big day away.



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