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The Advantages of Using Hand Stretch Wrap


When finding the best solutions for packaging in your business, finding the best leads for products can sometimes be a challenge. Protecting multiple types of product means having to find solutions that are universal across your business. No product is more important than the other, and keeping product waste to a minimum is crucial.

Hand stretch wrap is undoubtedly one of the most universally applied packaging products in the industry. If you are uncertain about the specific advantages that your business can have by using hand stretch wrap, let Ferrari Packaging – one of the UK’s leading packaging suppliers – give you the information you need to make your stretch wrap purchase.

1.     Economical


The leading reason for a business to switch their products is money. Packaging can become costly if the right materials are not being used and if there are numerous rolls and boxes going to waste on a daily basis. As wholesale stretch wrap is available, there are opportunities for your business to save as much as 40% on film purchases. Bulk orders are more economical than singular purchases and can reduce time lost between new shipments of product. Bulk stretch wrap enables your business to keep packaging without the fear of running out any time soon.

Alongside this, hand stretch wrap is done entirely by hand. No expensive machines are necessary to complete the jobs that people can manage by hand with stretch wrap dispensers. In the long term of the business, it can prove to be more beneficial – specifically for smaller business that need more cash flow – for labour to be used instead of machinery.

Machines are prone to faults, breaking, and require replacement after a number of uses. Paying for staff keeps money flowing and will save the business’s assets being tied up in products.

2.     Recyclable


Did you know that it is now possible for industries to recycle soft plastics often used in warehouses, including hand stretch wrap? If you think about the amount of plastic that goes to waste in the UK every year from packaging industries – around 140,000 tonnes of stretch wrap alone! – there is a lot that can be done to promote savings for both businesses and the environment.

Warehouses are notorious for having discarded pieces of packaging on the floor. These stray pieces can often be a hazard for those walking through, and accidents are not uncommon where the correct practices are not taken. Having a recycle bin for waste stretch wrap will keep your warehouse clean, safe, and above all will ensure your wrap is kept together for easy recycling.

Local recycling plants will take stretch wrap and transform it into other materials, ensuring that nothing goes to landfills. Giving back a little for the environment benefits everybody.

3.     Different Gauges for Different Packaging


Depending on the items that you are wrapping for transport or storage, you will need a different material – or will you? Stretch wrap comes in varying widths and lengths. This helps you to select the best suited material for your packages.

Wrapping pallets? Consider the weight of your product before you apply any kind of plastic film wrapping as they are more easily torn than strapping materials. Heavy items will easily rip the wrong gauge and type of hand stretch wrap.

The easiest way to measure stretch wrap is by using the following as a guide:

  • Calculate the height and weight of the pallet/products
  • Choose between blown or cast stretch film
  • Determine how much stretch wrap may be required to cover the area
  • Use 60 gauge hand stretch wrap for loads up to 1300lbs
  • Use 150 gauge hand stretch wrap for loads up to 3500lbs

Getting your measurements right is important. If you are uncertain of which gauge to use, feel free to ask a professional for more advice and assistance with your wholesale stretch wrap purchase.

4.     More Choice


There are two different types of hand stretch film, further expanding your advantages in business. You no longer need to rely on other materials – stretch wrap can cover any number of applications to suit even the most multipurpose of jobs.

Blown stretch wrap is created by the blown extrusion process where the plastic resin is heated and then allowed to expand with a bubble of air in the ‘blown’ process. This process means that this film is of a higher quality and density than other films, and can be used with its anti-tearing properties for sharper, heavier objects in transportation. It is the more expensive film to purchase.

Cast stretch wrap is a little weaker and is created through the cast extrusion process. It has great clarity and allows products to be seen more easily during transportation than blown stretch wrap, which has a cloudier appearance. However, it lacks the same strength and can be costly if more layers are needed.

Hand Stretch Wrap For Any Packaging Purpose

No matter what application your hand stretch wrap is required for, you will find the solution at Ferrari Packaging. Stretch wrap suppliers to the UK with the most diverse range of packaging supplies on the market, we are the number one solution for all your packaging supplies Glasgow.

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