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The Best Packaging Materials For Your Business


When fulfilling the orders your customers place, both for small home businesses and larger industries, you must be prepared for protecting the items as they are delivered in the mail. Postal services are a notorious place for delicate items to become damaged, lost, or simply unable to be delivered. In fact, Royal Mail had over 120,000 complaints of lost mail in 2011 – from only 3 months of deliveries. Having the right packaging materials at your disposal can help to prevent lost mail and damage to your sent products. Which products are the best materials you should be using for your business, and where can you buy packaging materials in bulk?

You have come to the right place. At Ferrari Packaging, we offer a full range of packaging materials that can suit any business’s needs. Whether you are exporting overseas or sending parcels locally, you will find the packaging materials to suit you.

1.     Bulk Bubble Wrap


Where would we be without bulk bubble wrap? It has been a staple in shipping for decades since its invention in 1960. Bubble wrap is a versatile plastic protective packaging material that works by padding items with soft layers of air. Why is bubble wrap one of the best packaging materials available? It is timeless and is still in use today.

Many smaller businesses use bubble wrap to protect smaller items from damage during transit. Large business, too, can use bubble wrap for the same purpose, particularly if the items are more fragile and placed in a larger box. If packaging items together, bubble wrap can provide a helpful protective layer to avoid edges pressing against one another or damaging other products.

Bubble wrap is an effective, cheap alternative to other protective measures taken to protect items during transit. A roll of bubble wrap is covered in thousands of small air bubble pockets that can stay inflated for days. At Ferrari Packaging, we offer AirCap bubble wrap, which has an extra layer of plastic film protecting each bubble created with 30% less material than standard bubble wrap, preventing more air from leaving which gives more time for comfortable, protected storage in transit. Unsure where to buy bubble wrap Glasgow? Contact us at Ferrari Packaging for our full range.

2.     Cardboard Boxes


The humble cardboard box has been part of logistics through thick and thin. We are still using cardboard boxes for most supply shipping, and cardboard seems to be making no moves to leave. Cheap, mass produced, and easily recyclable, cardboard boxes are here to stay. Bulk cardboard boxes are available to purchase at Ferrari Packaging, and there are more reasons why cardboard boxes should be on your list of packaging materials.

Pre-cut cardboard boxes were introduced as far back as 1890 by Scottish inventor Robert Gair and have since moved from strength to strength with single and double wall corrugated boxes available. Whether you need cardboard boxes for moving, or for your business to ship items, you can be sure that the contents will be protected in cardboard. Double wall boxes are able to provide more protection than single wall, and should be used for items that are heavier for transport.

We have started to use cardboard boxes in very inventive ways in transit. New cardboard boxes with compartments have been created by companies such as Amazon to have a filler-free delivery service that enables items such as books and games to arrive safely. Cardboard boxes are also easy to handle, and enable consumers to have privacy in regards to the contents of their boxes. Looking to buy cardboard boxes in bulk?

3.     Packing Tape


You have filled up your boxes with your items, wrapped up in protective bubble wrap. Now what else do you need? Well, the cardboard box won’t be able to close itself. Investing in good quality packing tape will help you to keep your products sealed and protected. Using cheap clear tape is not the best idea when sending items into transit, and this could impact negatively on both your items’ security and the postal process as a whole.

Brown packing tape wholesale is one of the most popular tapes available and used throughout all of the packaging industry.  In fact, over 10 billion sq. metres of packing tape are produced for businesses each year. It is available in both vinyl and polypropylene hot melt tape varieties. Polypropylene tapes provide better adhesion to corrugated surfaces, and vinyl packing tape has extra strength adhesion which allows for use for items that will be in storage for longer.

If you are using hundreds of rolls a day, consider buying bulk packing tape from Ferrari Packaging. We also have tape dispensers available to make your packaging jobs even easier and faster. Make use of all of the above products, and find those that work best for your business with Ferrari Packaging.

Variety of Packaging Supplies Available

At Ferrari Packaging, we believe all packaging products are important. Whether you are looking for suitable protective packaging materials or just looking for where to buy bubble wrap, you will find everything you need with Ferrari Packaging. All of our products are available for bulk purchases. Contact us today to find out how much you could save on your packaging supplies with us.

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