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Archive for April, 2016

Preventative Measures to Avoid Tilting and Impact Damage to your Goods


There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than sending your goods out for shipment and not knowing if they will be delivered safely.  But there’s innovative products on the market that brings visibility to shipping, without the need for nervously prizing open your packages to inspect for damage. (more…)

What Packing Paper Is Right For Me?


Choosing the correct packaging materials is extremely important and will vary depending on your company’s needs. As packaging industry leaders we’re often asked for advice on which packaging paper should be used for different circumstances. Each package varies and the material used to wrap them should be representative of its size, shape and structure. (more…)

How to Protect Items in Transit


Did you know that e-commerce has been around for almost 22 years? In that time, sales online have grown exponentially, with around £100bn in the UK being put into the industry. Online businesses are thriving. Small business owners, too, such as those who run stores through eBay and Etsy, have been taking advantage of the most advanced ecommerce platforms to date. Yet, there is one thing that every e-commerce business has in common: a need for packaging supplies Glasgow.


Which Packaging Supplies Protect My Items Best?


It is a question we hear very often in the packaging industry. As suppliers of wholesale mailing supplies and other packaging materials, we are constantly at the forefront of the packaging revolution and are able to answer most questions brought to us. In terms of which supplies may protect your items best, that depends upon the size and fragility of your delivery. A large item that is very sturdy needs less attention than a small, extremely fragile item might.


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