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How to Protect Items in Transit


Did you know that e-commerce has been around for almost 22 years? In that time, sales online have grown exponentially, with around £100bn in the UK being put into the industry. Online businesses are thriving. Small business owners, too, such as those who run stores through eBay and Etsy, have been taking advantage of the most advanced ecommerce platforms to date. Yet, there is one thing that every e-commerce business has in common: a need for packaging supplies Glasgow.

Items will not be able to go anywhere without the appropriate packaging materials to help them get to the recipient. Postal services can only do so much to protect the items you sell, and it is up to you to be able to create parcels and boxes that are able to withstand the daily damages of the logistics industry. Just how do you protect your items in transit, and with which supplies in particular?

Take Measurements

Before you consider which supplies you need, you will have to make a few considerations. If you go ahead and buy supplies before measuring out your products, you will likely find you are using too much or have not enough of what you need. (Trust us, this is a regular occurrence with many industries starting up – don’t worry if you make the mistake too!)

Once you understand the weight, fragility, and other measurements of your items, it’s time to consider what you will be delivering your items in. If it is more fragile, something able to stay solid while in transit would work well, and items that are smaller or thinner could easily be placed in something less rigid.

Use Cardboard Boxes Glasgow


We are often asked which items are perhaps the most commonly purchased in the packaging industry. It won’t be an answer that surprises you, either! Considering that 2014 saw a production of 4.9million sq. metres of corrugated cardboard boxes alone[1], it is unsurprising that they are the most frequently purchased of all packaging supplies. Why is that?

Well, cardboard boxes Dundee are specifically made to be able to withstand the outside pressures of the postal system. With thousands of other items in transit, there is a need to keep individual products protected, and that is where cardboard boxes come in. Single wall cardboard boxes are slightly weaker and should probably not be used for long-term transit. For heavier items and those that may be more fragile, double wall cardboard boxes are the way to go. Two layers of corrugated cardboard are covered with reliable brown Kraft paper and make your boxes more secure.

For the best way to transport any item, choose cardboard boxes Glasgow. At Ferrari Packaging we also provide solutions that are better than corrugated edge protectors,  with solid board edge protectors and Nomafoam versatile edge protectors available to keep fragile edges of products safe in boxes and from strapping materials and wholesale stretch wrap. Contact us about our full range of cardboard packing boxes Glasgow.

Find The Right Protective Filling Material


Not every item you deliver may need to use or waste cardboard. In fact, the vast majority of mail is simply small items and letter mail. If your items are lighter and smaller, why not consider bubble mailers? These sturdy envelopes are lined with bubble wrap and are able to provide waterproof protection from the elements and additional protection for more fragile items such as photograph frames, loose jewellery and other such small pieces.

For other items in boxes, there are multiple options available to provide extra layers of protection during the transit process. Next to cardboard boxes, one of the most popularly purchased items in the packaging industry is the innovative and inexpensive bubble wrap Glasgow. These layers of plastic are covered in plastic bubbles filled with air, soft to the touch and flexible. Able to be wrapped around items securely or pressed into boxes to provide soft filling material, our bubble wrap wholesale UK is as versatile as packaging materials come.

Looking for something that goes the extra mile to keep your items protected? Why not try our AirCap bubble wrap that is able to give you a long-lasting protective solution for your products. An extra sealed layer of plastic on top of the existing bubbles means that the AirCap bubble wrap can keep your items safer for longer with less air able to escape over a longer period of time. It is the ultimate in bubble wrap Glasgow supplies and is not to be missed for anybody shipping fragile items.

Choose The Right Postal Service


Once you have decided which items to sell, and have packed them up securely, it is time to think about which areas your products are being delivered to, and what you should be considering for the rest of your journey. Because you are not responsible for the personal delivery of your items, you need to find trust in a specific carrier to be able to take your items and safely deliver them to the appropriate customers.

Be careful, however. You do not want to spend more on shipping than you do on making and selling your products! Courier services are often an additional charge for customers and many are happy to pay it. Domestic shipping may be more reliant on you, if you can afford to pay the smaller charges such as with Royal Mail. With your products all bundled up and secure, you can send your items to a secure place – and if needed, a handle with care label is never hard to find or use to have a little more security.

Find Your Ideal Packaging Solutions

Preparing for purchase before buying is the best way to ensure you will be keeping your items safe in transit. Planning ahead to know which packaging supplies Glasgow to buy is essential, and with our help, your packaging supplies can be less of a worry. For bulk packaging supplies and any other packaging queries you may have, contact us today.



[1] paper.org.uk

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