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Preventative Measures to Avoid Tilting and Impact Damage to your Goods


There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than sending your goods out for shipment and not knowing if they will be delivered safely.  But there’s innovative products on the market that brings visibility to shipping, without the need for nervously prizing open your packages to inspect for damage.

You’ve spent time and money investing in proper packaging materials for your goods, including all the extras like corrugated corner protectors and inflatable bottle packaging –  but you don’t have to simply sit back and hope they arrive in a suitable condition, there are extra measures you can put in place to prevent the mishandling of your products during shipping, for business owners it’s a real blow to find out your goods have been damaged by a third party member of your trusted supply chain.

Luckily, there are tilt and impact detection devices on the market that are activated when the package comes under more strain than anticipated.

Shockwatch Labels

Shockwatch labels have a self-adhering label you attach to your goods , on this label is an incredibly small glass device filled with liquid. When excess impact is made to the goods during transit, the liquid turns bright red providing indisputable evidence that your products have come under excess impact.  The indicators are fixed to outer packaging in clearly visible positions and the impact indicator changes colour when a specific acceleration speed is exceeded. Shockwatch labels should be adhered to the edge of any containers because it’s the most structurally sound part, if  the indicator was in the middle of the box then the shocks would be absorbed and a true reading would not be made.


Tilt Indicators

If your goods comes under unacceptable tilts and turns during delivery, especially those that are specified that they must be kept upright then Tiltwatch labels are ideal for your packaging solutions. Normal handling and road vibrations will not affect tilt indicators, but if the package is turned more than 80 degrees, this indicator, similarly to Shockwatch labels, will turn red. The Tiltwatch indicators are only activated when they are applied to the product to be transported, removal of the adhesive backing activates the devices. They are not sensitive to moisture, temperature and other environmental factors.

Benefits of Shock and Tilt Indicators

The benefits of these indicators are vast as the red discolouration on the labels show easily where blame lies of damaged goods, meaning you should be able to reclaim any money lost.

  • Reduces mishandling of your products down the production line.
  • Ensures accountability of product handling by showing indisputable evidence.
  • Indicator labels encourage the recipient to check the goods before acceptance.
  • Troublesome spots in the supply chain are easily identifiable.
  • The effectiveness of your packaging is confirmed.
  • Tilt and Shock Indicators cannot be reset once mishandling has been detected.

If you receive a shipment with a red indicator label it proves there has been some mishandling of your products. This does not mean you have to refuse the shipment however, simply inspect the goods and contact the seller for their specific instructions.


Ideal Packaging Solutions

Planning your packaging before sending anything in transit is a great way to ensure your good arrive At their destination in the condition you expect them to. Our packaging supplies Glasgow equip you with everything you need to give you peace of mind for all your packaging needs. Contact us today for all your bulk packaging supplies and queries you may have.



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