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What Packing Paper Is Right For Me?


Choosing the correct packaging materials is extremely important and will vary depending on your company’s needs. As packaging industry leaders we’re often asked for advice on which packaging paper should be used for different circumstances. Each package varies and the material used to wrap them should be representative of its size, shape and structure.

Corrugated Paper

Corrugated paper is an extremely popular packaging material choice, with over 50% of goods packaged worldwide using corrugated paper or cardboard as part of their packaging strategy. It is made up of a combination of two sheets called liners, glued to an inner layer known as fluting. These three layers act as a surface that not only insulates, but supports great weights. Corrugated paper is durable and strong, but is extremely lightweight too, making it preferable to other materials such as wood as it cuts down on transport expenses making it very cost effective. Another reason it is so cost effective is that corrugated paper can be folded down during delivery so offers buyers great space efficiency. Not only is corrugated paper lightweight and cost effective it is also versatile as it can be printed on, or left plain to suit your company’s needs. Corrugated paper by Ferrari Packaging in environmentally friendly and is manufactured from recycled material and is fully recyclable.


Kraft Paper

Ensuring your products arrive safely with your customers is of high importance, Kraft paper rolls are durable with a high burst strength. Their brown paper rolls have increased adhesion capabilities and a glossy finish to give your packages a professional feel. This type of material is ideal for packaging fragile and unusual shaped items. Imitation kraft paper has a lower burst strength than pure kraft paper but it is still suitable for a variety of applications.It has a ribbed appearance and is manufactured entirely from recycled fibres. Kraft paper is also available in a waxed version which is perfect to package products that need leak protection. Using a waxed paper will also reduce the risk of corrosion and is ideal for export packaging.

Kraft union paper is a double layered material reinforced with fibre glass bitumen. It is a heavy duty, water resistant packaging material and generally used when waterproofing export cases or wrapping spare parts. Cross weave lining material is an alternative to traditional materials such as Kraft union paper. The cross weave lining material is 100% waterproof and is widely used in export packing cases.  Kraft paper rolls wholesale are available from Ferrari Packaging for all your packaging requirements.

Newsprint Paper

Using spare white newsprint sheets as part of your packaging solution is a cost effective way to protect your goods. The offcuts are biodegradable and recyclable making them great for customers who have an interest in sustainability. At Ferrari we don’t recommend using newspaper alone to protect against extremely fragile items and should be coupled with another inflatable packaging uk product such as our AirCap bubble wrap. This material can be used not only for wrapping and layering, but void filling too. Simply scrunch the paper up and pack in gently into any spaces that need filling helping ensure safe transit of your items. Newsprint offcuts are the perfect packaging material when house moving.


Tissue Paper

When packaging delicate items, such as clothing or china we recommend using our acid-free white tissue paper sheets. Many traditional packaging material can damage specialist products, china may become stained unless properly packaged correctly leading to a decrease in its value. The tissue paper we supply is PH neutral so perfect for protecting specialist products to ensure do damage is made. This type of material is popular with jewellery storers who deal in sterling silver to avoid tarnishing their products.

No matter the shape or size of your items, Ferrari Packaging have the ideal packaging supplies Glasgow needed to match your needs. For bulk packaging supplies or any other queries contact us today.









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