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Which Packaging Supplies Protect My Items Best?


It is a question we hear very often in the packaging industry. As suppliers of wholesale mailing supplies and other packaging materials, we are constantly at the forefront of the packaging revolution and are able to answer most questions brought to us. In terms of which supplies may protect your items best, that depends upon the size and fragility of your delivery. A large item that is very sturdy needs less attention than a small, extremely fragile item might.

No matter the items you are sending, however, you should always consider all packaging supply options to ensure your consumers are receiving their items in the most secure manner possible. So what are the standard items you would expect to really protect your items more in transit?

1.     Cardboard Boxes


Without a doubt, the king of the packaging world is the cardboard box. In fact, over 31.9million tonnes of cardboard boxes are produced every single year. That puts into perspective just how much we rely on the humble corrugated cardboard box.

With various shapes and sizes to choose from, there is rarely a cardboard box that cannot hold your items during transit. Cardboard has changed very little since its early days, but we continue to use them even in our digital age. While the digital is advanced and modern, we still need to transport said physical goods in some way, and that is where the cardboard box comes in.

We supply both single and double wall cardboard boxes. Corrugated cardboard lines these boxes, and the double wall option is the strongest and most effective of the options you should consider. We have cardboard boxes Dundee in a variety of sizes, meaning you can make both small and large deliveries with bulk cardboard boxes from our warehouse.

Each box has a Kraft paper outer liner for added protection, and you can be certain that whether your items are going into storage or transit, you have a protective outer layer that will be the best and most viable option for your good and budget.

2.     Inflatable Protective Packaging


An old-hat tip in the packaging industry, particularly when mailing, is to use bubble wrap and other inflatable materials. It is one of those packaging supplies that everybody has used at least once, whether it be during a move out of an old home or simply to mail a fragile item to another place. Inflatable packaging has come to the real forefront of the packaging industry.

Bubble wrap is still the most widely used of these kinds of supplies, and perhaps the most secure. Its flexible plastic sheeting is able to be wrapped carefully around items both large and small, and its relatively inexpensive pricing is perfect for small businesses who cannot afford to spend too much on packaging alone with shipping costs as high as they are. That is why at Ferrari Packaging we offer two different types of bulk bubble wrap Glasgow: Economy and Air-Cap.

Our economy bubble wrap is cheaper and more affordable than others on the market, available for bulk purchases. On the other hand, the Air-Cap bubble wrap is longer lasting than economy, due to its double layers of plastic that seal each bubble of air better than other brands. For bubble wrap that is able to protect items for far longer than others, Air-Cap is your ideal choice.

More specialised inflatable packaging is now on the market, however, for items that are even more delicate. Mobile phones are often placed in transit, and as such, they and other items have begun to have packaging made especially for their safe transportation. Columns of inflated plastic are wrapped around the shape of the phone to provide an all-around soft cover that ensures no or little damage to the phone when moving. We also supply inflatable bottle packaging and many more digital protectors including standard air-filled pouches for all packages and boxes.

3.     Industrial Packaging


For those who are shipping larger items, there are items available that are more suited for large item distribution. For example, a small box of crafts won’t need to use hand stretch wrap, but large pallets of items will. At Ferrari Packaging, we have secure packaging supplies to suit all businesses.

If you are moving large pallets of boxes and other items, you may want to invest in using Sanstrap pallet bands. These pallet stabilising bands are made from 100% recyclable film, and are able to be easily removed with stretch wrap once used. Firm, secure, and able to hold heavy loads, these supplies could be the ones for you if you are looking for the best way to secure your items for transit.

In other cases, it may be better to use strapping to keep your items secure. Steel strapping is often known as the most secure of strapping materials, but we also stock corded polyester strapping among others. These are great for industries that do not wish to use hand stretch wrap, and makes a very economical choice.

Choose the Materials for Your Business

Depending on what types of items you distribute, you will want to invest in different packaging supplies. From parcel tape dispensers to strapping, we have it all. To find out more about our products, have a look through the website, and get in touch if you need more information about any of the products on sale.

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