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Archive for May, 2016

Stick With The Right Packing Tapes

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Thinking about what type of packing tapes your business needs? Are you currently using a recommended packing tape like duct tape or masking tape? This guide will help you distinguish what packing tape your business requires – from box tape to stronger stuff like polypropylene tape at Ferrari Packaging we have you covered! (more…)

How can Packaging my goods Correctly Prevent Accident and Injury?

Cardboards Boxes

Whatever industry you’re in, one of the most important day to day tasks is ensuring the health and safety of your workers. Hazards are unfortunately everywhere whether it is dangerous machinery, trip and slip hazards or when dealing with the packaging industry manual handling hazards. Each year, there are over 640,000 workplace injuries every year, even with all the precautions employees put in place. Ensuring your goods are packaged safely will help reduce the likelihood of these accidents.


What Type of Strapping Material Does My Business Need?


Are you looking for a way to protect your pallets during storage or transit? Whether you are looking for steel strapping supplies or a polyester strapping kit here is our guide to strapping and what your business will need.

Not only is strapping one of the safest way to protect your pallets but it will add professionalism to your business’ practices. If you do not use quality strapping this may cause your containers to struggle to be contained, this could lead to accidents in your work place which affects your employee’s safety. (more…)

Everything You Need for Cardboard Box Packing



Are you ready for moving office or home and have ordered your cardboard boxes for packing? On the day you will have lots of things to remember and may not have time to rush and get last minute bits and bobs.

From tape to plastic handles for corrugated boxes, we can solve all of your packaging solutions – with our guide to cardboard box packing. (more…)

Complete Guide to Protective Packaging


It is important for your business to stock protective packaging. Every business is different and requires different types protection for its products. Before you start to bulk buy bubble wrap, have a think about what’s suitable for each product. Read our complete guide to protective packaging.


Is My Business Using The Right Packaging Supplies?


For professionalism, it is important that your business is using the right packaging supplies. At Ferrari Packaging we are experts in packaging solutions – with staff with over 60 years’ experience in the packaging industry. Let us help you decide if your business is using the right packaging supplies.


5 Top Tips For Moving Office

Cardboards Boxes

Moving Office can be a stressful process, with so many things to remember it can be hard to keep track of what you need. Let moving day run smoothly with our top tips that are quick and cost effective!


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