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Complete Guide to Protective Packaging


It is important for your business to stock protective packaging. Every business is different and requires different types protection for its products. Before you start to bulk buy bubble wrap, have a think about what’s suitable for each product. Read our complete guide to protective packaging.


Inflatable Packaging

Does your company dispatches more delicate items that could be broken or damaged during transit? A solution to protecting your stock while out on delivery, is to use inflatable packaging that will last and not let you down. The type of packaging is great for protecting:

  • glass bottles
  • toner cartridges
  • electronic items

Using inflatable packaging is not a new practice at all. Invented in 1957 by two engineers who were trying to create a textured wallpaper, instead, they ended up making what we call bubble wrap today!  At Ferrari packaging we supply a range of bubble wrap products from standard to Air Cap.

As well as guaranteeing a secure base for transit, these bottle protectors are made from 100% recyclable material which are designed to mould a protective layer around your stock, providing the maximum level of protection.

Protective Packaging for Technical Products

It doesn’t take an expert to know the prices of technical equipment like cameras, laptops and phones. If these products were to be damaged during delivery or transit it could impact on your profits dramatically.  Do you sell or supply technical goods and are looking for a solution to this problem? At Ferrari Packaging we can supple your business with the answer to keeping your small but expensive goods safe during transit, we supply inflatable protective packaging for the following products:


Edge Protectors

Ferrari Packaging not only supply inflatable packaging but a range of edge protecting solutions. Items such as plastic edge protectors provide a low-cost answer to protection of cartons against strap damage. As like most of our products edge protectors are recyclable and reusable saving you money in not just one but two ways!

Many businesses do not think of protecting their goods whilst they are hidden away in cardboard boxes or in storage. Thousands of  products are damaged each year as a result of poor packaging and there are still circumstances where your items may not be safe. To provide extra care for your goods while they are in storage it may be an option to use a moisture resistant edge protector.

Benefits of Using Protective Packaging

cardboard boxes

Top of the range and fully innovative – we have thought of everything when it comes to protective packaging. Are you worried that by using inflatable packaging it means that when one section of the material is burst your packaging becomes useless? At Ferrari Packaging we use multi chamber technology which ensures that If one chamber becomes punctured your product will still have protection from the others.

There are many benefits to using protective packaging. As mentioned we only use 100% recyclable material on all of our protective materials.
By investing in our endless range of protective packaging, form inflatable bottle protectors to corrugated corner protectors, you are saving your business money and customer complaints in the long run.

Protective Packaging for Business

On average, each day we handle fifty different items of packaging a day – this will be much more for a person who manufactures or sells goods. However well packaged products are taken for granted daily, as often they have done their job by getting to the consumer easily while keeping what’s inside protected.

Cushioning, filling and protecting the surfaces of your products should be high on the priority list of suppliers. If you are not sure what is the right solution for you, we would be happy to help you over the phone and we can identify your business’ protective packaging needs.





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