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Stick With The Right Packing Tapes

Cardboards Boxes

Thinking about what type of packing tapes your business needs? Are you currently using a recommended packing tape like duct tape or masking tape? This guide will help you distinguish what packing tape your business requires – from box tape to stronger stuff like polypropylene tape at Ferrari Packaging we have you covered!

What is Duct Tape?

Since its invention, duct tape has been made with three important components:

  • A layer of glue
  • Mesh fabric
  • Polyethylene Plastic Coating

Duct is one of many packing tapes. The polyethylene layer is highly important as it is water-resistant. Apparently this specific tape was given its name in reference “like water off a duck’s back” as it can repel moisture!

Duct tape is great for packing as its multi layering offers sustainable performance for heavy duty sticking tasks. This tape is known for locking packages to keep the internal stock safe.  Duct tape is also useful for rolled up carpets, temporary flooring and securing loose cables.

Why was Duct Tape Invented?

In times before duct tapes invention, packages that were being sent to the military would be sealed with wax to keep the ammunition inside safe from water.

This became problematic for soldiers in batter as it became difficult to open the cardboard boxes quickly if they were taken by surprise in battle. This meant that many of the boxes would be stuck closed and left soldiers struggling to reach their ammunition during already hectic battles.

A woman from Illinois wrote to President Franklin Roosevelt which changed the packaging industry forever. Vesta Stoudt, a mother of two Navy sailors suggested that they:

“Use a strong cloth tape to close seams, and make tab of same … I have two sons out there somewhere, one in the Pacific Island the other one with the Atlantic Fleet…  We can’t let them down by giving them a box of cartridges that takes a minute or more to open, the enemy taking their lives, that could have been saved.”

Roosevelt took notice and send the letter to the War Production Board in Washington, D.C. This idea was then sent to an inventor and they received the result they were looking for – a waterproof tape which soldiers could remove easily in times of battle.

duct tape

Duct Tape in The Modern Age

Duct tape is used worldwide to seal and protect packaging and is appreciated for its strength and durability.

It Is even celebrated in Ohio at an annual duct tape festival by enthusiasts of the tape. The whole day is dedicated to it with lots of duct tape events from fashion displays, sculpture and art all made from the stuff!

Box Tape and Packing Tapes UK

Ferrari Packaging provide a number of bulk buy packaging tapes which are great alternatives for duct tape.

Polypropylene Acrylic Adhesive Tape UK

Polypropylene Acrylic is a water-based adhesive tape is built with strong UV resistance. This acrylic adhesive offers a cheaper and eco-friendly substitute to solvent based melt packing tapes.

Vinyl Tape UK

This top of the range vinyl tape is constructed with PVC low noise material. This is built in to deliver strong grip. Vinyl tape is great for packages which are being exposed to humidity, varied temperature change, dampness and chemicals.


Bulk Masking Tape

Masking tape is great as it is multipurpose – it can be used for marking temporary surfaces cleanly. . Masking is great as it provides strong hold to most surfaces, yet it also removes easily. This tape can also be torn by hand.

If your business is holding packages in storage, or transporting them to clients it is important that you keep them protected.

We would be happy to discuss over the phone the right industrial tape for your industry – ensuring that your business has the right packaging tape for your needs.Polypropylene-Acrylic-Adhesive-Tape

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