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How can Packaging my goods Correctly Prevent Accident and Injury?

Cardboards Boxes

Whatever industry you’re in, one of the most important day to day tasks is ensuring the health and safety of your workers. Hazards are unfortunately everywhere whether it is dangerous machinery, trip and slip hazards or when dealing with the packaging industry manual handling hazards. Each year, there are over 640,000 workplace injuries every year, even with all the precautions employees put in place. Ensuring your goods are packaged safely will help reduce the likelihood of these accidents.

Box Handles Ensure Easy Manoeuvring

10% of all work place injuries are linked to manual handling, and the result causes major hold ups to production, impacting our economy greatly.  Here at Ferrari Packaging we have some great products that will help your workers undertake their manual handling duties in a safer manner. Corrugated box handles can be attached to any corrugated box by making a simple slit in the side with a packaging knife and slide the Celta box handle through the space. These box handles allow to easy handling without the need of mechanical aids. One of the biggest causes of injury when manual handling is due to the awkwardness of carrying heavy loads, our box handle cutter means you can easily cut C shaped holes in the side of your boxes  which will avoid lower back strain and injury.

Follow these manual handling tips to ensure the safest management of your goods.

  • Ensure that the object is light enough to lift, is stable and unlikely to shift or move
  • Heavy or awkward loads should be moved using a handling aid
  • Make sure the route is clear of obstructions
  • Make sure there is somewhere to put the load down wherever it is to be moved to
  • Sand as close to the load as possible, and spread your feet to shoulder width
  • Bend your knees and try and keep the back’s natural, upright posture
  • Grasp the load firmly as close to the body as you can
  • Use the legs to lift the load in a smooth motion as this offers more leverage reducing the strain on your back
  • Carry the load close to the body with the elbows tucked into the body
  • Avoid twisting the body as much as possible by turning your feet to position yourself with the load.cardboard-boxes

Secure Pallets with Sanstrap

Pallets are in integral part to warehouse life, but often as they are used so much we forget all the hazards that they place. Unsecured pallets can cause injury which will impact not just your staff, but your businesses productivity too, so it’s vital these are secured when packaging your goods. Using sanstrap pallet bands stabilise the loads you carry and are made from 100% recyclable film. They are extremely elasticity and sit tight to the load without sticking. The stabilising bands are quick to apply and can be disposed of with stretch and shrink films.

Follow these tips when dealing with pallets in your workplace:

  • Gloves are required when handling wood pallets.
  • The safest way to move a pallet is to stand it on its edge and slide it across the floor.
  • Be sure to never leave or store a pallet on its side or on its end. Pallets stored this way can fall and cause injury.
  • Never walk on top of pallets.
  • Be sure to separate any unsafe pallets from those ready for use.
  • Avoid manually stacking high numbers of pallets. Use a forklift or other handling equipment to stack pallets higher than eight.

Health and safety is of the highest importance for all companies, but especially so in high risk industries such as warehousing and packaging. No matter your industrial packaging needs, Ferrari Packaging has something to suit your business. Contact us today so discuss your industrial packaging needs.



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