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Everything You Need for Cardboard Box Packing



Are you ready for moving office or home and have ordered your cardboard boxes for packing? On the day you will have lots of things to remember and may not have time to rush and get last minute bits and bobs.

From tape to plastic handles for corrugated boxes, we can solve all of your packaging solutions – with our guide to cardboard box packing.

Cardboard Box Packing

A fact you may not know about cardboard boxes is that they are a Scottish invention made in in Brooklyn in the United States in the late 1870s! The inventor saw his creation come to life after a member of his staff chopped through thousands of his paper bags by mistake – he didn’t want his products to go to waste so instead he recycled him into the first cardboard boxes.  .

Did you know that for every ton of cardboard that we recycle, we could save up to nine cubic yards of landfill space? That’s why Ferrari packaging only sell 100% degradable and recyclable high quality material, double and single wall boxes. Our sustainable cardboard boxes are perfect for heavier or more sensitive goods that need protected whilst in storage or during packing.

To guarantee a smooth transition to your new home or office, fresh, hardwearing cardboard boxes are the only option.  We provide a lots of boxes in different shapes and sizes and would be happy to advise you on the best option for you!


Once you have your cardboard boxes ready remember all the smaller pieces you will need for moving office or home. If you are looking for box tape Ferrari Packaging are packaging tape suppliers. We provide a whole range of packaging tape and packaging tape dispensers for:

If you are looking to buy duct tape in Scotland? Or don’t know which box tape will be the best for your business we would be happy to advise you. It is important that your boxes and supplies are kept protected throughout storage or the transition process.

Plastic Handles For Corrugated Boxes

Plastic handles for boxes are really easy to use and apply!

We use the Celta box handle because they are so strong! These plastic handles can be securely attached to corrugated boxes, making them much more easy to handle with mechanical aid.

How to use them? Simple. Cut a slit in the box using a packing knife and attach the Celta handle through the slit. It’s never too late to order as we provide next day delivery for orders before 3pm!

Ferrari Packaging Moving Kit

Don’t panic if you have left moving office until the very last minute, we can provide your business with moving box kits! We have thought of everything and have helped businesses all over the UK with packing solutions.

We do packages of all shapes and sizes but our favourite is the mega jumbo moving kit for all the boxes and packaging you could ever think about for your move. The list below may be a more suitable option for home removal, however this list will give you the best idea of everything you will need for your office move:

Mega Jumbo Removal Kit Contains:


  • 10  tea chest moving boxes
  • 15  large moving boxes25 medium moving boxes
  • 5  small moving boxes
  • 50 metres bubblewrap
  • 2 double mattress covers
  • 1  mattress cover
  • 1  three seat sofa cover
  • 2  armchair covers
  • 4  packing tapes
  • 2  permanent marker
  • 1  box-buddy handle cutter

Moving Home

 Bubble Wrap

How did we forget! Bubble wrap! This is something everyone mover needs. This kit is perfect for those who are moving fragile items our kit contains 50 metres of AirCap bubble wrap! Our high quality AirCap bubble wrap will provide lasting cushioning sustainable enough to protect to your valuables in transit or in storage. The 300mm bubble wrap is great for wrapping more delicate items that are in danger of being broken. From mirrors to office equipment, do not fall at the last. Our top for packing would be to use left over bubble wrap to fill gaps in boxes, this is a great way to keep items secure and stops them from falling around the box during the moving process.

Having everything you need before packing is essential and will save time on the day. We hope this guide to cardboard box packing has helped. Remember to look at our other moving kits options for ideas and tips for moving office.





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