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What Type of Strapping Material Does My Business Need?


Are you looking for a way to protect your pallets during storage or transit? Whether you are looking for steel strapping supplies or a polyester strapping kit here is our guide to strapping and what your business will need.

Not only is strapping one of the safest way to protect your pallets but it will add professionalism to your business’ practices. If you do not use quality strapping this may cause your containers to struggle to be contained, this could lead to accidents in your work place which affects your employee’s safety.

What Strapping Material Is Right for My Business?

Are you researching what type of strapping material your business should use? Investing in materials to keep your pallets safe is important for your business’ reputation. Have a think about how your business is using strapping materials and what kind of budget you are willing to spend on it.

There is no point spending lots of your budget on strapping materials when you need far more for the output of pallets which your business creates every week.

Factors to consider when you are picking strapping are the size, weight, and shape of your pallets? Are they heavy or light weight? If you a looking for a low cost option for light weight pallets, then Polypropylene strapping or other plastic materials could be a suitable option.

Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene hand strapping is a cost-effective method to secure parcels, bundles and light pallets. The benefits of using polypropylene is that is light and flexible in form and polypropylene hand strapping can be lifted and carried around a warehouse straightforwardly. This type of strapping is available on cardboard cores or plastic reels and is suitable for use with hand tools.

If you are a new business looking for polypropylene strapping solutions or a company looking to change supplier, we have a number of options:

  • Entry Level Polypropylene Strapping Kit
  • Polypropylene Starter Kit for Metal Seal Plastic Strapping
  • Polypropylene Starter Kit with Combination Tool
  • Trolley Mounted Polypropylene Strapping Kit



Extruded polyester strapping

Another form of strapping which your business could invest in is polyester strapping. Polyester Strapping two times as powerful as polypropylene and you can apply three times more on a reel than you would with steel strapping.

A benefit of buying extruded polyester strapping is that it has an elastic memory which helps keep its elasticity. This means that your packing will remain tight, even if your pallet is exposed to shrinkage or movement. The supply fibres used in extruded polyester also ensures that the strapping will not tarnish, damage or stain your packaging. Ferrari Packaging can also provide you advice over the phone, feel free to give us a call today!

At Ferrari Packaging we not only provide our customers with high quality products but pride ourselves in providing great customer service. Like most of our products this form of strapping can be ordered for next day delivery for orders before 3pm!

Steel Strapping Supplies

Steel strapping is most suitable for any pallet that weights 3000lbs or more. Steel strapping great for industrial applications, available to buy in bulk they are also suitable for locking in heavy consignments with sharp angles. This sustainable strap has lighter ribbon wound coils which are functional for smaller duties.

What is the benefit of using steel strapping? Steel strapping supplies are effective as they have a higher tension than plastic strapping and are less prone to movement.

Industries that use steel strapping for pallets and packages normally do not require a strapping that has elastic memory. Items that should be packed with steel strapping are:

  • Bales
  • Heavy weight bundles
  • Sharper loads

How to use Steel Strapping?

If steel strapping is the right solution to use on your pallets. It must be applied correctly to your products’ surfaces.

Not doing so correctly can result in your business losing money and accidents could be caused.

Firstly, place the strapping around the pallet making sure not to harm any of the contents inside. Make sure that the pallet is steady before using a strapping tensioner.  If you use a strapping tensioner it means it requires little man power to get your strapping tight against the pallet.

Steel strapping can be applied differently to plastic strapping.  Plastic strapping be melted at its ends to form a seal. Steel strapping however requires special seals which press the ends together. If you buy the right material from our steel strapping kits, your pallets will stay secure protecting them from any damage.

cardboard boxes

At Ferrari Packaging we provide packing solutions for all sorts of businesses. Whether you are looking for steel strapping kits or a strapping machine we would be happy to help you with your purchase. Keep us in mind for all of your business and home packing solutions. We even supply a cardboard wardrobe selection which is perfect for home removals!

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