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How Efficient is your Packaging Strategy?


It’s no secret that warehouse managers can often feel the pressure to reduce the bottom line, whilst still trying to  ensure productivity if kept at a premium.  Reducing costs, in some cases can result in corners being cut, but by investing in a quality packing materials and equipment from Ferrari Packaging your staff will be able to pack more efficiently all whilst keeping your warehouse tidy and  packaging materials neat and close by.

Packing Table

If your staff are often packaging goods, but your company does not yet have a proper set up then it’s likely you could improve your productivity. Investing in a packing table creates proper organisation and flow between products being packaged.

If you find your workplace is cluttered and are looking for a way to organise it, a packing station is a great solution. Not only will it make sure the area looks clean, but it will encourage your staff to pack more quickly.

Ferrari Packaging offer only the best quality industrial packing stations which allow your company to save both time and money. A well designed packing station has all your materials within easy reach, and with an attached paper roll your packaging strategy will be greatly improved by this investment.

Benefits of a packing table

  • Create flow between products being packed
  • Packing tables come with optimum storage solutions
  • The layout will encourage your staff to be organized
  • The tiered levels will allow for more usable floor space in your work area
  • Efficiency will be increased due to ease of packaging
  • Staff morale will be raised as packaging becomes easier and more streamlined
  • The aesthetic of your work area will be improved


Strapping Accessories

Strapping is the method of applying a strap to items to reinforce, fasten or hold the items together, and luckily there are many accessories that can be used with this product in order to make this task far more efficient.

When strapping by hand, a strapping dispenser trolley is the ideal accessory. As the dispensers are mobile, it means it can be wheeled freely and easily throughout your warehouse. What’s more, all strapping dispenser trolleys by Ferrari Packaging come with a tool tray which means everything your staff needs is within easy reach. Having all your items in one place encourages efficiency.

Staff can become frustrated with tangled and coiling strapping, so invest in a strapping dispenser to ensure your strapping is kept neat and untangled. What’s more, the risk of accidents is reduced when using these accessories as spare strapping is not left across the floor. Mobile strapping dispensers for steel, polypropylene and polyester all come with a hand seal which allows for quick and easy application of strapping.


For those with a larger budget, investing in an automatic or semi-automatic strapping machine could be the best investment. These make for high efficiency and are best used in companies that have a high volume of packing undertaken with polyester and polypropylene. Their increased speed allows for great efficiency. What’s more, many automatic strapping machine are mobile and on wheels, this means they can be positioned anywhere in your work space for ease of use.

Automatic strapping machines are just that, and allow for hands free strapping, whereas semi-automatic machines are operated by foot. The strap is fed through the machine and guided over the package until a join is made. Once this has been done once, the machine will continue to dispense the strapping at the desired length. Using a fully automatic machine can decrease strapping time by half when compared to a semi-automatic version.

The world over, all businesses have the same problems, ensuring great efficiency with minimum expenditure. Contact us today to discuss your needs and find out what packaging accessories you can utilise in order to increase productivity.

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