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Packing Solutions: Eco Friendly

eco friendly packing

Becoming eco-friendly packing solutions are  important for sustaining our planet and saving energy. Eco products in particular are high in demand.

In a survey 83% of consumers worldwide say that it is important for businesses to construct programs which are environmentally friendly.  22% said that they would pay more for an environmentally friendly product.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the necessity for products which are either reusable or recyclable. This is even important with regards to product packaging.

Cardboard Packaging and Renewable Materials

This type of packaging is one of the most recycled materials on earth. By recycling cardboard packaging is has a ripple effect which actually reduces energy that is used in other resources.

Cardboard is one of the best materials to use for eco-friendly packaging as it can be made from 100% recycled materials. Other recycled products are on average 70% to 90% recycled.  –

As Corrugated packaging doesn’t have to be glamorous it doesn’t have to be dyed or bleached. Making it an even more desirable green product as it is reducing which further enhances its environmental footprint a step further.

Cardboard and corrugated material can also be n be disposed easily as there are often separate areas for them to be recycled, they are also biodegradable which means if they are not reused they can be put back into the land.

How is corrugated cardboard packaging made?

Usually from pine or birch tree pulp. These trees are one of the easiest to grow in a variety of conditions. These trees are also quicker to grow than hardwood trees and are often grown to be sustainable in managed forests.



Reusing Cardboard Packaging

Corrugated cardboard boxes are often designed with flexible corners. This means the box can be collapsed and put away to be used again.

Customers are now appreciating eco-friendly companies. Recycling means that your business is also being cost-conscious as you can reuse cardboard boxes.

If you reuse boxes, it means you are saves money in the cost that you would pay buying fresh boxes.  You will also be reducing your waste meaning you will not be paying as much in disposal costs.

What size of Cardboard Box is Right for Business?

Always check that you are using the right size packaging to ship your items, for example if you are shipping a smaller item always use smaller packaging material as using cardboard boxes for something like a necklace is wasting precious recycled material.

Also think about the padding you are using in your shipments. Is your bubble wrap bio degradable? Why not try another method of eco-friendly filling packaging instead?


loose fill chips

Eco-Friendly Packing Solutions

By using loose fill packing chips this is an eco-friendly method of protecting your stock while it is out of your hands. 100% biodegradable, odourless and dust-free means they are great for protecting for whatever’s inside your box.

These small solutions will have a big impact on the way you fill your packaging they can fill up the unused space inside your package.

They are also unique as they can mold to the specific shape of your package. For the most environmentally friendly option available as an alternative to other forms of protective packaging, try these handy chips.

Handy Cardboard Box Packing Tips

If you use one large box to ship lots of stock in it can reduce paper used for labeling and filling used in boxes. Another eco benefit of using one large box instead of several small one’s is that it fits on to one delivery method whether it be a truck, train or plane further reducing your environmental impact.

All of these factors are important when you are considering eco factors in packing. Customers and consumers are now taking eco packaging very seriously it’s no longer just about thinking outside the box in business but what’s inside the box too! Would you like to know more about environmentally friendly packing methods? Contact us for more details!

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