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Protective Packaging Tips for Start-Ups


Any small business that has found success can tell you that going out on your own is one of the most scary and rewarding tasks you will ever undertake. No matter the scale of your business, if you’re offering products to customers it’s vital the packaging used to protect your goods is considered as part of your pricing strategy. Many start-ups have floundered at this stage by investing in unnecessary and expensive packaging unsuitable for the delicate purse strings of a small business. So, what low cost packaging can start-ups invest in to ensure their goods arrive safely without overspending on elaborate materials?

Kraft Paper Rolls

It seems, throughout the world we are coveting all things nostalgic, whether in the form of a tea party, or brown paper packages secured string. Kraft paper packaging has seen a revival recently thanks to its crisp, clean aesthetic but also due to the strength it holds, making it perfect for your start-up’s packaging needs. Kraft paper is a high performing wrapping paper suitable for items that are perhaps fragile or are an unusual that require a packaging material with a high burst strength. Wholesale Kraft paper rolls are available from Ferrari Packaging at a low cost. This product is inexpensive yet effective and completely versatile, the simple background allows means it can be personalised until your heart’s content


Corrugated Paper

Corrugated paper rolls are a great low cost material your start-up should utilise as part of your packaging strategy. Due to their three layered structure they offer great support to your goods while remaining lightweight. This brings down shipping costs, which is ideal for small businesses, when every penny counts. Not only does corrugated paper protect your good by cushioning it, the way the air circulates through the layers acts as a temperature insulator. Perfect for those packages which may be travelling long distances or stored in warehouses for extended periods of time. This product is also environmentally friendly and made from recycled material and is fully recyclable. This is great PR for your company as 52% of consumers said they’re likely to make a purchase based on the environmental impact of the brand.

Loose Fill Chips

Staying on the sustainable track, another low cost packaging solution which is also environmentally friendly is starch based loose fill chips. These chips are 100% biodegradable and are designed to settle around your products, ensuring your goods cannot move during transit. This packaging material is a great alternative to Styrofoam balls which aren’t able to breakdown and leak toxic residue into the earth for thousands of years.

fill chips1

Is Packaging Important?

In a word, yes. You may think this isn’t a major factor for your business, your customer has bought the product, and the sale is complete. Why put any extra effort in? You need to put the effort in because your most valuable customer is a returning customer; the customers who shop with you more than once go on to tell their friends and family about you. If you impress your customers across every touch point, including the delivery of goods, and you are bound to have them want to shop with you again. This is especially important for small businesses and home business start-ups looking to grow their customer base.

The packaging you use acts as a representation of your brand when customers receive your goods. Unfortunately we do judge books by their covers so investing in packaging that protects your goods will impact positively on your brand image. Low cost and durable packaging solutions are a great way to ensure your good are protected, and opting for blank canvases such as Kraft paper means you can inject your own brand identity into the design. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs and find out how our wholesale packaging supplies can benefit your business.







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