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What Packaging Items are best for Protecting my goods?


The one sound we all hate to hear is the rattle of damaged goods inside a box. This is why packaging your items properly is so important. Investing correctly in the right items will reduce the likelihood of damage to your items and reduce costly replacements. Here at Ferrari Packaging we are wholesale packaging specialists and offer a plethora of materials specially designed to offer your items superior packaging protection. What’s more, though Glasgow based we delivery throughout the UK and offer bulk discounts. This means you can protect your items conveniently and at a low cost impacting positively on your whole packaging strategy.

Typically cardboard boxes and wholesale bubble wrap were used to protect goods in transit,  and these are great! Our double wall cardboard boxes limit vibrations during transit and act as an insulator, just like bubble wrap, but today  we also stock innovative products that are improving the ways in which you can package your products.

Tiltwatch Labels

Our Tiltwatch labels by Shockwatch indicate and record if unacceptable tilting has happened to your goods which are meant to remain upright during transit.

The label is applied to the box, when the adhesive backing is removed the device is activated. This item cannot be removed without highlighting indisputable mishandling evidence which makes the product very reliable.

If your goods have tilted more than  an acceptable level there the indicator turns red,  though this will not be affected by normal handling and won’t be affected by aircraft take offs either.

Tiltwatch labels provide evidence of tilting and will even indicate by what degree the item has been turned by.

  • Ensures chain of accountability for all product handlers
  • Alerts recipient to inspect contents before acceptance

Inflatable Bottle Protectors


AirPack systems are a great technological advance in packaging. Their 100% recyclable plastic bottle protectors are individually inflated and mould around your items to protect them in transit. Thanks to their individual chambers, if one burst, the others stay intact meaning your goods remain protected.

The inflatable bottle protectors we stock come uninflated, and take only seconds to fill. This is useful as it reduces the amount of storage space needed to store these items meaning bulk orders can be made.

  • 100% Recyclable Packaging
  • Protective Packaging
  • Fragile Packaging

Celta Box Handles

Mishandling of your goods can lead to damage and loss of stock; this is especially true when staffs are carrying heavy items improperly. By investing in plastic handles for corrugated boxes you don’t need to grapple with smooth box sides. Not only can holding boxes incorrectly damage the goods inside if they are dropped but these difficult to handle items can cause lower back pain and injury. Injuries sustained thanks to mishandling products can reduce your company’s productivity.

To use a Celta box handle,

  • Make a slit with a packaging knife in the side of the box you want to carry.
  • The handle then slips through the incision and you have instant strong handles to assist your staff with manual handling


Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is used to palletise loads but our mini handy wrap is great for smaller items. Securing items this way is important during transit as it stops item shifting which can lead to damage. Hand stretch wrap is made of cast film and can be used for securing small bundles and is extremely good at wrapping unusual shapes that may not benefit from conventional packaging techniques. What’s more, the film only sticks to itself and leaves no residue on the item you’re wrapping.

  • Protect good from factors like dust and moisture
  • Stretch wrap is transparent so you know what item is wrapped inside
  • Using stretch wrap is efficient and increases productivity.

Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs, we love to help our customers choose the best products for their needs. We offer wholesale packaging solutions throughout Scotland and the UK.

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