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How Efficient is your Packaging Strategy?


It’s no secret that warehouse managers can often feel the pressure to reduce the bottom line, whilst still trying to  ensure productivity if kept at a premium.  Reducing costs, in some cases can result in corners being cut, but by investing in a quality packing materials and equipment from Ferrari Packaging your staff will be able to pack more efficiently all whilst keeping your warehouse tidy and  packaging materials neat and close by. (more…)

5 Reasons Why You Need Packing Stations


Every workplace needs a dedicated area for each operation and packaging is no different. If you cannot dedicate a small space of your office to the operations that your business conducts, very soon you will find that there is a lack of discipline and care. Packaging is no different. Finding a working solution for warehouse space issues can often simply be a case of needing a new workspace, and when dealing with packaging, a packing station could be the solution you are searching for.


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