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What Packaging Items are best for Protecting my goods?


The one sound we all hate to hear is the rattle of damaged goods inside a box. This is why packaging your items properly is so important. Investing correctly in the right items will reduce the likelihood of damage to your items and reduce costly replacements. Here at Ferrari Packaging we are wholesale packaging specialists and offer a plethora of materials specially designed to offer your items superior packaging protection. What’s more, though Glasgow based we delivery throughout the UK and offer bulk discounts. This means you can protect your items conveniently and at a low cost impacting positively on your whole packaging strategy. (more…)

How to Protect Items in Transit


Did you know that e-commerce has been around for almost 22 years? In that time, sales online have grown exponentially, with around £100bn in the UK being put into the industry. Online businesses are thriving. Small business owners, too, such as those who run stores through eBay and Etsy, have been taking advantage of the most advanced ecommerce platforms to date. Yet, there is one thing that every e-commerce business has in common: a need for packaging supplies Glasgow.


Which Packaging Supplies Protect My Items Best?


It is a question we hear very often in the packaging industry. As suppliers of wholesale mailing supplies and other packaging materials, we are constantly at the forefront of the packaging revolution and are able to answer most questions brought to us. In terms of which supplies may protect your items best, that depends upon the size and fragility of your delivery. A large item that is very sturdy needs less attention than a small, extremely fragile item might.


The Advantages of Using Hand Stretch Wrap


When finding the best solutions for packaging in your business, finding the best leads for products can sometimes be a challenge. Protecting multiple types of product means having to find solutions that are universal across your business. No product is more important than the other, and keeping product waste to a minimum is crucial.


How Important Is Packaging When Selling Products?


If you have ever visited eBay and bought an item online, you will understand the anxiety of waiting for your item to arrive safely and on time. Private sellers are given a little more scrutiny for many reasons, but there is one that stands out above the rest: packaging.


How To Package A Parcel


Being able to send items in the mail has revolutionised the way we communicate and build our businesses. Receiving letters and parcels at your door from family and friends is great to come home to, and when you are looking to send a parcel back or are selling items, you need to know how to package a parcel correctly to avoid damage or loss in transit. Depending upon the business you are in, you will need different packaging measures. For smaller items, this helpful list will help guide you through the process of correctly packing and wrapping a parcel that is ideal for shipment.


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