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What Packaging Items are best for Protecting my goods?


The one sound we all hate to hear is the rattle of damaged goods inside a box. This is why packaging your items properly is so important. Investing correctly in the right items will reduce the likelihood of damage to your items and reduce costly replacements. Here at Ferrari Packaging we are wholesale packaging specialists and offer a plethora of materials specially designed to offer your items superior packaging protection. What’s more, though Glasgow based we delivery throughout the UK and offer bulk discounts. This means you can protect your items conveniently and at a low cost impacting positively on your whole packaging strategy. (more…)

Packing Solutions: Eco Friendly

eco friendly packing

Becoming eco-friendly packing solutions are  important for sustaining our planet and saving energy. Eco products in particular are high in demand.

In a survey 83% of consumers worldwide say that it is important for businesses to construct programs which are environmentally friendly.  22% said that they would pay more for an environmentally friendly product.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the necessity for products which are either reusable or recyclable. This is even important with regards to product packaging. (more…)

The Best Packaging Materials For Your Business


When fulfilling the orders your customers place, both for small home businesses and larger industries, you must be prepared for protecting the items as they are delivered in the mail. Postal services are a notorious place for delicate items to become damaged, lost, or simply unable to be delivered. In fact, Royal Mail had over 120,000 complaints of lost mail in 2011 – from only 3 months of deliveries. Having the right packaging materials at your disposal can help to prevent lost mail and damage to your sent products. Which products are the best materials you should be using for your business, and where can you buy packaging materials in bulk?


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