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What Type of Strapping Material Does My Business Need?


Are you looking for a way to protect your pallets during storage or transit? Whether you are looking for steel strapping supplies or a polyester strapping kit here is our guide to strapping and what your business will need.

Not only is strapping one of the safest way to protect your pallets but it will add professionalism to your business’ practices. If you do not use quality strapping this may cause your containers to struggle to be contained, this could lead to accidents in your work place which affects your employee’s safety. (more…)

The Best Strapping Materials For Your Business


Securing pallets and products are a challenge that all companies involved in packaging and shipping face. Without the correct security measures taken, the safety and security of both staff and products can be compromised. Purchasing stretch wrap can be beneficial, however when it comes to the best security for the pallet as a whole, strapping is the packaging material that you should consider purchasing.


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