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Book Wraps | CD Wraps

Benefits of Corrugated CD/Book wraps

  • Come with a self-seal strip
  • Make sending items through the post easy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to open

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Product name Code
Corrugate CD Wraps (174 x 125 x 55mm) 35-40
C4+ Corrugated Book Wraps (330 x 270 x 80mm) 35-46
C4 Corrugate Book Wraps (325 x 250 x 80mm) 35-45
B5 Corrugated Book Wraps (270 x 190 x 80mm) 35-43
B4 Corrugated Book Wraps (380 x 290 x 80mm) 35-47
A5+ Corrugated Book Wraps (251 x 155 x 60mm) 35-42
A5 Corrugated Book Wraps (217 x 155 x 60mm) 35-41
A4 Corrugate Book Wraps (302 x 215 x 80mm) 35-44
A3 Corrugated Book Wraps (455 x 320 x 70mm) 35-48

Corrugated Wraps for Packaging

Corrugated boxes are one of the most popular packaging materials in the world, in fact over 95% of all products shipped in the United States uses this strong packaging product. What’s more, this product can be easily recycled, and over half of paper recycled is corrugated cardboard.

With the growth of e-commerce more and more items are being sent in transit every day with another 11% rise forecast for 2016. So, with so many items now being shipped worldwide, it’s essential they are kept safe during transit.

Ferrari Packaging’s corrugated book and CD wraps offer amazing crush protection which will minimize the likelihood of damage being done to your products. This is a great benefit because it will mean those who receive the items will have faith in your company and costly refunds will be avoided. Packaging has a huge effect on customers so ensure the packaging you choose is strong and acts as a hardy protective layer against the dangers of transit and shipping. Failing to package your items properly might lead to stock loss, and even loss of customers if they are not impressed by the level of packaging.

Because of their adequate strength, it means corrugated cardboard can be stacked easily without their integrity being lost. At Ferrari we offer bulk discounts, so you can buy your packaging materials then store them until needed.

For those buying in bulk, corrugated cardboard holds great humidity and moisture resistance. This is great for climatic changes that warehouses endure throughout the seasons.

Complete with a self-seal strip, corrugated book/CD wraps are ideal for sending a variety of items through the postal system. A time-saving solution, corrugated book/CD wraps are easy to assemble and open.

Corrugated Wraps are great for Protecting Smaller Items

Our expertly designed corrugated CD/Book slips are a great all-in-one packaging solution that keeps your items safe, as they enjoy the protection of card all around the item. The impact of turbulence during transit will be reduced meaning damage is less likely to be sustained.

Small items can benefit from being sent in bubble wrap envelopes, but anything over 1cm thick must have a greater layer of protection. This is where our corrugated boxes come in. Simply place the item in the center of the box and fold up the edges and seal with the strip attached to create the box. These types of packaging materials are ideal for slim items up to 4cm thick. Fold up mailing boxes are a great slim lime solution for items that need more protection than a typical bubble-lined envelope, but are too small to benefit from the protection of a full-sized corrugated box.

Our lightweight packaging products reduce shipping costs whilst still providing a robust and durable protective layer, ideal for shipping fragile items such as CDs We offer a range of sizes, perfect for your packaging needs. Each wrap can be individually sealed for added security and are then opened using the perforated guidelines.


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