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Bottle Protectors

Advantages of AirPack Inflatable Bottle Packaging

  • Provides Superior Protection
  • Made from the Highest Quality Materials Available
  • Advanced Multi Chamber Design
  • Conforms to Shape of Packed Object
  • Moisture and Humidity Resistant


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Product name Code
AirPack Magnum Pack For 1 Bottle SP-06
AirPack Bottle Pack For 3 Wine Bottles SP-03
AirPack Bottle Pack For 3 Beer Bottles SP-04
AirPack Bottle Pack For 2 Wine Bottles SP-02
Airpack Bottle Pack 1 Wine Bottle SP-01
AirPack Bottle Carry Pack SP-05

Save Money with Inflatable Bottle Packaging

When sending your goods in transit, keeping them safe is of high importance, this is especially true if the goods you are shipping are fragile. These materials are far more prone to damage than more durable products.  One way to offer superior protection for these items is to invest in inflatable bottle packaging available from Ferrari Packaging. We distribute our stock all over Scotland and the UK, in order to meet all your packaging needs easily.

For those companies looking to reduce the size of their carbon footprint, this item is perfect for you as the product is 100% recyclable. AirPack doesn’t only reduce the damage to your products, but also reduces the damage to the environment that is caused by excess waste packaging materials.

Thanks to the cushioning ability of the packaging your company is less likely to suffer frustrating and costly stock loss and returns. What’s more, because AirPack uses just a fraction of the space required when compared to traditional packaging methods such as polystyrene and pulp  your shipping costs will be reduced.

How does AirPack work?

AirPack bottle protectors have an advanced design that moulds itself around your product to provide maximum protection and uses multi-chamber technology to ensure that in the event that one of these chambers becomes punctured during transit your product is still protected.

Packaging your items correctly for distribution is one of the best ways your company can reduce the likelihood of stock loss and damage to your items. It’s important to invest in the latest technology where possible, as often these innovations offer superior protection.

AirPack’s inflatable packaging technology works by using a synthetic material that is placed around the product you need protecting, then inflated with an inflatable packaging machine. This is preferable to traditional inflatable packaging methods as the chambers mold completely around the item that is being protected. What’s more, it only takes a few seconds to inflate, saving you time and labour costs.

Benefits of Inflatable Bottle Packaging

Cost Savings

  • Reduces Warehouse and Storage Costs
  • Lowers Shipping Charges
  • Reduces the number of SKUS required
  • Improves Packaging and Production Process
  • Maximum Shelf Life

Environmentally Friendly

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Low PET Rating
  • Reusable
  • Easy to use and mess free

Why Use Inflatable Packaging?

Every distributor's worst nightmare is suffering damage and stock loss that could have been prevented. Wholesale packaging supplies from Ferrari Packaging are the solution to this worry. During transit,  your goods come under excess stress thanks to the vibrations when moving. Using the latest technology reduces the risk of damage and gives you complete peace of mind.

Thanks to the superior technology, AirPack is extremely easy to use. The air flows through one-way valves which allow for the independent chambers to be filled. If one burst, the other will not be affected and your goods will remain protected. AirPack is ideal for long term storage solutions as they will keep their air for two years and are even moisture resistant.

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