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Cartons & Boxes

Looking to purchase cardboard boxes in Glasgow? We supply boxes across the UK to all industries needing quality packaging solutions. With plastic handles for corrugated boxes, wholesale cardboard boxes, bulk shipping boxes, archive boxes, and boxes for moving, we have all boxes you could need. Not sure where to buy moving boxes, or where to get wardrobe boxes? Look no further.

Your packing boxes Glasgow are our priority - be sure to choose the packaging supplier that brings you the very best in single wall cardboard boxes, accessories, and all your packaging supplies Glasgow.

Cartons & Boxes

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Our double wall cardboard boxes are extremely durable, yet still lightweight making them an ideal packaging solution.  Use this strong material when stacking items in storage or during shipping. The air columns in these cardboard boxes offer superior protection to single layered boxes.

  • Two layers of corrugated paper
  • Lined with Kraft paper
  • Acts as shock absorber to prevent damage
  • Corrugated structure insulates goods

Carton & Box Accessories

Though the outer layer of protective packaging ins extremely important in ensuring your goods remain safe in transit and storage there are secondary measures you can take to further protect your goods. We stock low cost whole sale packaging accessories so you can protect your items within budget.

By investing in valuable accessories you will avoid preventable damage to your items from hazards such as:

  • Mis-handling
  • Dropping items
  • Speeding or tilting during transit

Tiltwatch labels alert each member of the supply chain that there are specifications that must be considered when handling the items. If the specifications are not met, there is undisputable evidence shown on the label and corrective action can be directed at those responsible.

Boxes for Shipping and Storage

With the huge rise in e-commerce in recent years the need for successful packaging materials has become more important. During shipping your items come under a lot of stress through factors out with your control. Achieve peace of mind with cushioning packaging products that minimize the friction of the road. We offer protective book and cd wraps and corrugated paper rolls that can be used as interleaving to prevent your delicate items becoming scratched when in storage or transit.

Ferrari Packaging is a Glasgow-based wholesale packaging supplier who ship items across the UK. Contact our expert team today to discuss your needs.

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