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Mail Lite Bubble Lined Postal Bags

Benefits of bubble lined postal bags

  • Insulator
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Low cost
  • Durable
  • Available in white or gold
  • Available in a range of sizes




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Product name Code
Mail Lite® White K7 Postal Bags (50/box) 13-48
Mail Lite® White J6 Postal Bags (50/box) 13-47
Mail Lite® White H5 Postal Bags (50/box) 13-46
Mail Lite® White G4 Postal Bags (50/box) 13-45
Mail Lite® White F3 Postal Bags (50/box) 13-44
Mail Lite® White E2 Postal Bags (100/box) 13-43
Mail Lite® White D1 Postal Bag (100/box) 13-42A
Mail Lite® White C0 Postal Bags (100/box) 13-40
Mail Lite® White B00 Postal Bags (100/box) 13-41
Mail Lite® White A000 Postal Bags (100/box) 13-81

For any business ensuring the safe arrival of their goods is a number one priority, and utilising bubble wrap is a great way to prevent damage to items. We are wholesale packaging specialists and offer bulk bubble wrap postal bags to protect items in transit such as mobile phones and jewellery.

Bubble wrap makes a great internal protective barrier and MailLite bags are Mail Lite® Bubble Lined Postal Bags are made with a tough Kraft outer and fully lined with AirCap® barrier sealed bubble for superior protection. The bubble lined postal bags offer an economical, practical and lightweight solution to posting a number of items. The extra padding supplied by the bubble wrap safeguards your items against damage when in transit.

Often bubble lined postal bags are referred to as “cushioned mailers” and they are highly utilised throughout the packaging industry, especially since the rise of e-commerce in recent years. Our bubble lined postal bags are available in different colours and sizes to suit your needs.

You will save on time and labour with this great product as both packaging materials are combined. You do not have to wrap with bubble wrap then add Kraft paper. What’s more the adhesive strip means you don’t need to invest in packaging tape.

Aircap Bubble Wrap

Aircap bubble wrap provides superior protection to your goods. The air retention barrier seals each bubble against air loss and gives AirCap® bubble extra strength to maintain its cushioning performance. Non-barrier bubble shows performance losses that increase the risk of product damage in transit.

Utilising MailLite bubble bags increases customer satisfaction as the likelihood of their items arriving damaged is reduced, what’s more the self-adhesive seal is tamper resistant and acts as a deterrent for thieves. The white or gold envelopes are easy to write on and can labels adhere with ease.

MailLite bubble bags are a great solution for those packaging small, individual items but if you need to pack something more substantial we recommend buying our bulk bubble wrap.

Background of Bubble Wrap

As most great inventions started, bubble wrap happened accidentally in 1957, however since then it’s been used as a successful protective cushioning material for packaging.

  1. Bubble wrap starts life as pea-sized polyethylene resin beads.
  2. These beads are passed through an extruder heated to 180 degrees.
  3. The resin melts into a liquid that is then squeezed into two stacked sheets of clear plastic film.
  4. One layer of plastic is wrapped around a drum with holes punched in it. Suction is applied sucking the film to form the bubbles.
  5. The second layer is layered over the first trapping the air in the bubbles.

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