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Camera & Lens Protectors

Benefits of AirPack Camera and Lens Protectors

  • Totally flat on arrival
  • Humidity resistant
  • Offers shock protection
  • Easy to recycle
  • Enhances company’s eco-friendly image
  • Value for money

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AirPack Camera & Lens Protector Bags SP-51

Protect your Camera & Lens Protectors

When storing or sending your electronic items it’s important to properly cushion them using packaging materials. Failing to do this may result is costly damages and returns. What’s more, no matter if you offer a swift and convenient refund/return; if an item arrives at a customer’s house and it’s faulty this will always impact negatively on your customer’s opinion of your business.

Electronic items are often expensive, and always fragile. Ferrari Packaging stock the highest quality inflatable packaging solutions to protect these goods.

AirPack Inflatable Packaging

AirPack is the perfect solution to protect items such as cameras and lenses. Their unique design moulds around the product encasing it in inflated plastic around every contour. As the air chambers are filled after the item is placed in the AirPack bag it ensures superior protection when compared to traditional protective packaging.

AirPack camera and lens protectors enjoy a series of independent air chambers which inflate separately using one way air valves. This means if one chamber burst, the rest will remain intact and continue to protect the item.

Unlike typical protective packaging, AirPack systems are moisture and humidity resistant, this is especially important when considering what packaging material you choose when sending electrical items in transit which will not withstand water damage.

AirPack is Environmentally Friendly

Typically when protecting items in storage or transit industries have relied on polystyrene balls as a cushioning method, this material leaches toxins into the environment and has been known to damage wildlife who ingest it at landfills. AirPacks are 100% recyclable, reusable and are a great choice for companies who are looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Investing in other types of packaging, such as pulp and polyethene have drawbacks when we consider the amount of storage it takes to transport and keep them. AirPacks arrive totally flat and are inflated in seconds, reducing shipping fumes and storage space.

Until relatively recently these forms of packaging were the only viable, cost effective solutions when sending out goods that are prone to damage during transit including glass bottles, toner cartridges and electronic items.

AirPack camera and lens protectors and inflatable packaging materials overcome these issues thanks to their eco-friendly nature. Your business will benefit from lowering their carbon emissions and reducing storage costs.

Today consumers are extremely interested in the sustainability of products they purchase and by choosing AirPack inflatable packaging from Ferrari you will create a great impression with your customers. Today, 83% of consumers worldwide say that it is important for businesses to make efforts towards sustainability.

How to Inflate AirPack

The traditional air compressor used to fill AirPack’s packaging is extremely easy to operate and no specialist equipment is required. AirPack’s inflatable packaging technology works by using a synthetic film that is placed round the product you need protecting, then inflated  in just a few seconds with an inflatable packaging machine.

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