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Candle, Perfume & Beauty Product Protectors

Benefits of AirPack candle, perfume and beauty protectors

  • Superior protection of your goods
  • Cost saving – lowers shipping costs
  • Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable


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AirPack Half Bottle Bags For Cosmetics SP-58

Protect your Fragile Items

Today customer service is playing an ever-growing role in the supply chain and companies must use their packaging supplies in line with consumer’s demands.

Customers are looking for strong, durable products that protect their goods, all whilst keeping shipping costs at a minimum. If a product arrives and it’s damaged this may lead to poor customer satisfaction and costly returns/refunds. Ferrari Packaging is proud to bring you AirPack inflatable packaging, an advanced material that provides increased protection of your items, all at a low cost.

How does AirPack work?

AirPack technology allows our fragile goods to be protected in storage and in transit thanks to inflatable cushioning chambers that mould themselves around your products.

The uninflated bag is placed around the products and is inflated via a single point which sees the air travel through one way valves. This is done simply using an inflatable packaging machine. This technology means that if one chamber is to burst, the rest stay inflated and your items remained protected. If one air chamber bursts, the shock and vibrations of transit will be distributed throughout the remaining, intact chambers.

AirPack is Easy

  • Insert the item into the the AirPack
  • Inflate the AirPack using a standard pin air pump
  • Pop the AirPack into your outer postage box

Why use AirPack?

  • Reduce your damages and returns. Failing to protect your items properly can lead to damages caused by shocks during transit, or damage from moisture and dirt during storage. Investing in AirPack reduces these risks.
  • Lower your storage and shipping costs. AirPack is lightweight and arrives uninflated, this means it is a low cost to buy and ship.
  • Consumers are more interested in sustainability than ever, go green with 100% recyclable AirPack inflatable bottle packaging.
  • Quick and Easy for you to use. It takes approximately 3 seconds to fill an AirPack inflatable system.
  • AirPack bags are distributed flat, which saves up to 90% on storage space.
  • No mess – unlike polystyrene balls, which are bad for the environment and leach toxins into the atmosphere and cause a choking hazard for wildlife.
  • Variety of shapes and sizes for different uses to suit your individual packaging needs.
  • Reusable by you and your customers. All AirPacks can be re-used, as can the black non-heat sealable AirPacks. This makes inflatable packaging an economical choice that avoids waste.

Sustainability in the Packaging Industry

Sustainability is growing in importance every year and last year the projected global market for sustainable packaging was $142.42 billion. This is being driven by environmental awareness and government initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases. AirPack is safe and beneficial to communities throughout its lifecycle and is 100% recyclable. Here at Ferrari Packaging we are committed to providing sustainable packaging options to our customers and also sell 100% biodegradable wholesale loose fill packing. Contact our experienced staff today to discuss your packaging needs, our staff is always happy to help.


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