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Carton & Box Accessories

Carton & Box Accessories

Buying bulk cardboard boxes is just the first step in completing your packaging. Box accessories come in many shapes and forms but each is just as valuable as the other.

Box handles make movement even easier, and we supply plastic handles for corrugated boxes and heavier boxes too. We supply bulk Tiltwatch labels and warning labels for all packages, making transportation of dangerous and fragile items easier.

Find your packaging solutions with Ferrari Packaging today.

Carton & Box Accessories

Celta Plastic Handles

In every industry there are risks, but this is heightened in the packaging industry thanks to the risk that manual handling creates. Ensuring your staff has the correct accessories to assist with the carrying of products will reduce the likelihood of accident and injury.

Each year there are 640,000 workplace injuries and if these result in workers taking time off then this can have a great impact on the efficiency of your company.

By investing in packaging accessories you will be able to reduce these injuries.

Manual handling accounts for 10% of all workplace injuries, but my utilising the proper packaging accessories, such as Celta plastic handles these risks will be reduced. Carrying heavy boxes without handles can be awkward and may lead to reduced visibility, resulting in accidents. Celta handles are easily slotted into incisions made in the side of the box which results in easier carrying and reduced risk of lower back pain and injury.

Shockwatch® Labels

When transporting goods you lose control of how they are handled, but making wise investments with impact devices can give you peace of mind that your items have clear labels about how they should be handled. This will lead to a reduction in costly and time consuming claims and restore faith amongst staff in the supply chain network.

Shockwatch® stress monitors self-adhere to the side of the products you’re looking to ship making them highly visible to ensure staff members throughout the supply chain know how to handle the goods.

The indicators change colour if the specified speed has been indicated or the item has been tilted more than ‘normal’ levels.

The indicators are fixed to outer packaging in clearly visible positions and the impact indicator changes colour when a specific acceleration speed is exceeded. Shockwatch® labels should be adhered to the edge of any containers because it’s the most structurally sound part of the box, if  the indicator was in the middle of the box then the shocks would be absorbed and a true reading would not be made.

Brands who use Shockwatch® labels can expect to reduce freight claims by a 65%. This doesn't only improve costly claims, but improves the trust of staff along the supply chain as the driver, forklift operator etc. a visual reminder that certain care specifications are needed when handling the labeled products.

If you receive a shipment with a red indicator label it proves there has been some mishandling of your products. This does not mean you have to refuse the shipment, however, simply inspect the goods and contact the seller for their specific instructions.


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