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Coloured & Printed Tapes

Coloured & Printed Tapes

Looking for something different to the usual brown packing tape wholesale? Try our select range of coloured specialist polypropylene tapes, strong and durable for even the most troublesome of boxes.

As professional packing tape suppliers, Ferrari Packaging know what works best for your business. We also stock a number of printed tapes and labels for your business to keep products safe and secure. Browse the full range of our packaging supplies Glasgow today.

Coloured & Printed Tapes

Printed and coloured wholesale packaging tapes are a wonderful way to increase productivity and reduce cosy in your warehouse. This is because you will not need to invest in expensive extra labeling to highlight warnings or specifics of what’s inside each box. The labeling and tape become one with easy to identify bright warnings.

Coloured Polypropylene Tape

Polypropylene is one of the most popular industrial packaging tapes thanks to its superior adhesion properties and its low cost.

Thanks to its high break strength, this tape is hard to rip manually which acts as a great deterrent to would-be thieves.  We recommend utilisng a parcel tape dispenser when working with this material so as to avoid strain to your hands.

BOPP tape is great for goods that are sent it transit as it has a high tensile strength which does not break. What’s more, this material is also moisture resistant, ideal for goods that are being shipped far or in a warehouse for a prolonged period of time. A benefit of polypropylene tape is that the material is a thermoplastic polymer, this means that the tape is effective in both high and low temperatures, so packages being transported to other environments will be kept secure and no adhesion is lost.

Why colour code?

Colour coding your goods using industrial strength packaging tape is a great method for organizing your warehouse. It will increase productivity and efficiency by reducing the time spent searching for goods.

  • Colour coding work equipment to define which member of staff or department owns the equipment. Effective when working with other staff where the same equipment is used, for example, construction.
  • Colour coding boxes using our coloured tape to help with easy identification of which products are in the box, effective when distributing the same product with different colour variations.
  • Colour coding areas such as a designated area for raw meat at a restaurant or a no go zone at a construction site.

Printed tapes

Printed tapes are a great material for reducing the need to invest in further labeling materials as the warning is printed in bold colours straight onto the tape. The white background and red text make the message stand out for handlers and others in the supply chain.

  • Fragile – warns handlers that the goods inside the package must be handled with extreme care. This will reduce the risk of damage and mishandling, and in the long run, will impact positively on the bottom line of the company. This clear display remains easy to read throughout the storage and shipping on your products and cannot be misconstrued.
  • QC Marked – this printed packaging tape delivers a clear message that the products inside have undergone the required quality assurances and acts as a communicative tool throughout the supply chain. This is extremely useful for good being sent far in transit where face to face communication may not happen.
  • Warning – A warning label can let anyone handling the goods of potential hazards and will assure special care and attention is taking when shipping and storing these items.


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