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Corrugate Board Boxes For Inflatable Packaging

Corrugate Board Boxes For Inflatable Packaging


Are you looking for Corrugate Board Boxes for Inflatable Packaging? By using secure inflatable packaging you can reduce the likelihood of stock loss and damage. Using the latest technology will not only impress your customers but it will offer superior protection.

At Ferrari Packaging we sell everything your businesses for cardboard box packaging from corrugated corner protectors to wholesale stretch wrap.

Make sure your business is taking extra care with fragile items. Using inflatable packaging is the most effective way of protecting items that could be damaged during transit.  At Ferrari Packaging we stock inflatable packaging for a variety of products.


What can be Protected with AirPack?


Camera lenses

Beauty products (Candles/Perfume)

Hard drives


Mobile phones


Toner cartridges

Keep Your Cardboard Boxes Safe

Inflatable Packaging


AirPack Inflatable Packaging

What is AirPack Inflatable Packaging?

AirPack technology uses multi-chamber design which assures users that if one chamber is burst, the rest of the material will stay intact and your products will not suffer damage. Inflatable packaging is that it protects your goods superiorly when compared with polystyrene or paper pulp, but only uses a fraction of the space.

Make sure your business is covered with AirPack systems. Update your packaging strategy with these 100% recyclable packaging supplies that fit around your corrugated cardboard boxing.

Protective Packaging For Cardboard Boxes

Tiltwatch Labels

We supply Tiltwatch labels by Shockwatch that indicate and record if unacceptable tilting has happened to your goods. The labels are simple and easy to use and can be applied to the box when the adhesive backing is removed the device is activated.

The main benefit is that this item cannot be removed without highlighting indisputable mishandling evidence which makes the product very reliable.

If your goods have tilted more than an acceptable level there the indicator turns red, though this will not be affected by normal handling and won’t be affected by aircraft take offs either.


Celta Box Handles

Make sure your employees are keeping your stock safe by handling them properly. Mishandling can cause damage and loss of stock.

By investing in plastic handles for corrugated boxes you don’t need to grapple with smooth box sides. Not only can holding boxes incorrectly damage the goods inside if they are dropped but these difficult to handle items can cause lower back pain and injury. Injuries sustained thanks to mishandling products can reduce your company’s productivity.

Protective Packaging: Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap secures items during transit as it stops item shifting which can lead to damage. Hand stretch wrap is made of cast film and can be used for securing small bundles. This film only sticks to itself and leaves no residue on the item you’re wrapping.


With over 50 years’ experience in the industry we would be more than happy to advise your business on a new packaging strategy that will cut your costs and bring your packing supplies into 2016. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs, we love to help our customers choose the best products for their needs. We offer wholesale packaging solutions throughout Scotland and the UK.

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Product name Code
Box For Single Wine Bottle (150 x 110 x 395mm) 32-SP01
Box For Mobile Phones 32-SP07
Box For Magnum Bottles (200 x 140 x 550mm) 32-SP06
Box For iPads & Tablets 32-SP08
Box For 6 Wine Bottles (465 x 225 x 395mm) 32-SP04
Box For 3 Wine Bottles (465 x 110 x 395mm) 32-SP03
Box For 2 Wine Bottles (315 x 110 x 395mm) 32-SP02
Box For 18" Laptop 32-SP10
Box For 15" Laptops 32-SP09
Box For 12 Wine Bottles (465 x 420 x 395mm) 32-SP05
15" Mailing Bag 32-SP11
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