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Cutter Stands

A range of cutter stands and dispensers for efficient dispensing and cutting of packaging products including bubble wrap, foam, corrugated paper etc.

Suitable for all warehousing and shipping departments.

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Product name Code
Single Dispenser With 1500mm Cutter 1-PLU001
1500mm Wide Twin Roll Dispenser With Cutters 1-PLU003
1500mm Wide Combi Dispenser 1-PLU002

Packaging Supplies for Business

The packaging supplies you use for your business should come at the best cost and quality. At Ferrari Packaging we supply the most essential packaging supplies your business will need.

By providing your customers with the best quality packaging solutions applies in a professional manner you are giving your own customers the best and most secure service.

Packaging supplies are often over looked, which is a mistake many businesses make. Does your research on what supplies your business really needs and it will be cost effective in the long run?

 The type of packaging your business uses can tell a customer a lot about your business. The packaging that you choose not only represents your companies branding and reputation as a trust worthy supplier.


What is a Cutter Stand?

A cutter stands not only saves time but it is a safe and quick way of cutting through roll of manage rolls of materials like paper, plastic, fiberglass, foam, in your workplace. Each cutter is designed to reduce waste by calculating the right amount of material needed to get work done.

Ferrari Packaging’s Cutter Stand is an efficient tool for cutting rolls of various materials. Enable your employees to be more efficient as this stand will help them organise the sizing of various materials. When the cutter is attached to the stand it not only gets the job done quicker but it increases the safety in your warehouse.

What is The Purpose of Cutters and Stands?

Cutters and stands are designed to assist your employees, so they can work more effectively. With Ferrari Packaging’s easy to use cutter stand, you can cut a variety of materials, measuring them to perfect size.  

Our cutter stand has a simple design which is easy to use. Due to that it means that once it is installed in your warehouse it will not be long before your employees are feeling the benefits of this super-efficient tool.

Where Can This Product Be Used?

Are you looking to buy a cutter stand for your work place? Cutter Stands are often used in a variety of industrial locations, from construction zones worksites, and packaging warehouses.

At Ferrari Packaging we supply cutter stands that are easy to move and can be transferred to wherever employees are using large rolls of materials.

This product will save your employees time and speed up business productivity. This product is also sustainable and will give your business provide years of organisation and productivity while keeping your staff safe.

Are you looking to buy a cutter stand from Ferrari Packaging and would like our advice before purchasing? With years of experience in the packaging industry we would be more than happy to help you decide which strapping solution is best for your business. Call us today for more information.

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