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Document Enclosed Envelopes

A range of adhesive backed envelopes which can attach directly to boxes and pallets. Great for keeping paperwork such as delivery notes or invoices safe in transit and give dispatched items a consistent, professional look.

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Product name Code
Printed A7 Document Enclosed Wallets 24-03
Printed A6 Document Enclosed Wallets 24-01
Printed A5 Document Enclosed Wallets 24-2
Printed A4 Document Enclosed Wallets 24-07A
Plain A7 Document Enclosed Wallets 24-08
Plain A6 Document Enclosed Wallets 24-04
Plain A5 Document Enclosed Wallets 24-06
Plain A4 Document Enclosed Wallets 24-07

Postal Packaging

Any professional business should make sure that they are delivering their products . At Ferrari Packaging we supply the the best quality postal packaging products on the market. Ferrari Packaging supply industries with the materials they need to give businesses the best opportunities for growth through first class deliveries.

Our postal packaging supplies range from f bulk bubble mailers, padded postal bags, and wholesale postal tubes, there is no better place to find your postal packaging materials.


Polythene Products For Mailing

Ferrari Packaging stock a selection of polythene products for mailing including polythene mailer bags and document enclosed envelopes. At Ferrari Packaging we stock the essentials that every business should invest in when starting a business. Start with the basics by Iinvesting in the following

  • Corrugared Cardboard Boxes
  • Wholesale Bubble Wrap
  • Copier Ppaer
  • Document Enclosed Envelopes
  • Packing Tape

We stock all of the products above and we would more than happy to speak to a member of your team over the phone to disuss your options when purchaging busienss and packaging supplies

With the way mail is being sent has changed businesses are advised to keep their your postage weight low. Not only will this save their company money but it may make their brand more eco friendly.

If you are looking to reduce the size of your packaging we recommend sending your documents in  our poly mailer bags and document enclosed envelopes. Both of these methods are  incredibly light and will not make any difference on the weight of your package.


Document enclosed envelopes

Is your business looking for a way to protect your invoices during  transit? At Ferrari Packaging we can supply your business with our document enclosed wallets? You can attach our envelopes directly onto your packaged items such as envelopes, mailing bags, corrugate boxes and pallets.

Using professional  envelopes gives your clients or customers a consistent, professional look for keeping paperwork such as invoices and delivery notes secure while mailing and shipping items.

If you are sending important documents to your clients it is advised that you use enclosed wallets. Our Ferrari Packaging envelopes come with a very strong adhesive backing – ensuring an impressive and  long lasting hold onto your packaged product.

The material is strong enough to keep your enclosed documents safe during transit and the clear material allows the documents to be read without opening if desired.

A “Documents Enclosed” label is attached at the of every document wallet to clearly show the recipient that the package contains documents that is considered important.

We offer our document enclosed wallets in a range of sizes from A4 to A7, so we can cater for all sizes of documents. Our Document Enclosed Wallets are all clear so you can see the documents inside without having to open the wallet.

If you are looking for postal packaging supplies in Glasgow , we would be more than happy to help your business. Call us today for more information on our packaging supplies.

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