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Filling & Cushioning Materials

Filling & Cushioning Materials

Protecting your items during storage and transit is one of the most important aspects of packaging. Investing in the right materials will reduce the likelihood of damage and preventable stock loss. Ferrari Packaging is a Glasgow based industrial packaging company who provides bulk packaging supplies all over the UK. By choosing the right filling and cushioning materials your business your goods will be protected throughout the supply chain, where often trust is handed over to handlers out with your company.

Aircap® bubble bags

Aircap® bubble bags are a great material to use when sending smaller items in transit. The air bubbles cushion your delicate or fragile items. A great benefit of these bags is that they are transparent meaning stock can be easily identified. We offer these bulk bubble wrap bags in 7 different sizes to suit your specific needs. Aircap® bubble bags come with a self-adhesive strip for added security.

Aircap®  bubble wrap

Aircap® bubble wrap is specially designed with a retention barrier which seals each air bubble and reduces the chance of air loss. This extra strong bulk bubble wrap gives superior cushioning performance and it perfect for protecting delicate items of stock against damage during shipping, transit or storage.

  • Aircap® bubble wrap offers:
  • Better Value
  • Reduced Costs as less material is required compared to non-barrier versions of bubble wrap
  • Longer Lasting Protection – these bubble do not lose air and provide long term protection for your goods whether in transit or storage
  • Quality Assurance – AirCap® is manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 guaranteeing high standards of production and quality control.

Economy Bubble Wrap

For those who need to provide an extra level of protection for their goods, investing in bulk low cost economy bubble wrap is a great solution. This cushioning material can be used as interleaving to reduce the likelihood of breakages during transit, or can be used to protect items during storage. Bubble wrap acts as both water proofer and an insulator. Our economy bubble wrap is available in both large and small bubbles.

Foam Wrap

Cell-Aire® foam wrap is an excellent material against preventable harm to your goods. It provides a  clean, lightweight barrier to protect against scratching, damage and abrasion. What’s more, this product is moisture resistant and is an ideal protective layer when sending goods in transit.

Cell-Aire® foam wrap is non-abrasive and non-corrosive and offers long term protection to delicate surfaces. This material extremely flexible and is ideal for using on unusually shaped objects. This product is available in 5 different thicknesses and can be cut to suit your requirements.


Furni-Soft is specifically designed to protect furniture from knocks, scuffs and abrasion. This is perfect for those moving homes or holding their furniture in storage. This product is much loved by furniture retailers, antique dealers and removal companies. Furni-Soft is designed with bubble material laminated to LDPE film with a soft, non-abrasive layer to offer advanced protection to even the most delicate furniture surfaces.

Loose Fill Chips

This packaging material is ideal to use for those in the packaging industry who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. This material 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly, loose fill packing chips are designed settle immediately when placed in the cardboard box and will mould around the products which prevents your item moving when met with turbulence.

SpeedMan Box

The paper itself is an environmentally friendly, fully recycled, 70gsm paper. For ease of use, the paper roll is supplied in a handy dispenser box. The box has a tear off panel on the front, when this is removed the paper is simply pulled, quickly and smoothly out of the box. Pull out the required amount of paper, tear off and you instantly have a good quality, protective packing paper to pack around your product.

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