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Grip seal polythene bags come either plain or with write on panels and are ideal for items that need to be secured and re-opened multiple times. Available in a variety of sizes.


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Product name Code
Plain Grip Seal Bag (330 x 457mm) 60-20
Plain Grip Seal Bag (324 x 324mm) 60-38
Plain Grip Seal Bag (279 x 406mm) 60-12
Plain Grip Seal Bag (250 x 356mm) 60-19
Plain Grip Seal Bag (229 x 324mm) 60-05
Plain Grip Seal Bag (203 x 879mm) 60-37
Plain Grip Seal Bag (190 x 190mm) 60-01
Plain Grip Seal Bag (152 x 229mm) 60-32
Plain Grip Seal Bag (140 x 140mm) 60-16
Plain Grip Seal Bag (127 x 190mm) 60-18
Plain Grip Seal Bag (114 x 114mm) 60-15
Plain Grip Seal Bag (100 x 140mm) 60-06

Heavy Duty Grip Seal Bags

Packaging your items properly is an ideal way to protect them from getting lost, damaged or misplaced. Here at Ferrari Packaging we stock a wide selection of specialist bags created for your packaging needs, all at a low cost. Our polythene bags can be used across many industries and are a great way to organise your items

Polythene is a great material for preventing moisture, dust or dirt damaging your goods when in storage or transit; what’s more, our resealable bags can be used multiple times extending their lifecycle and offering great value for money.

Benefits of Grip Seal Bags

  • Transparent or black so stock is visible or hidden depending on your needs
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Come with useful write on panels
  • Durable material
  • Waterproof
  • Secure contents
  • Avoid Leaks
  • Different sizes for different applications. Our heavy duty grip seal bags are available in a range of sizes, from 100mm x 150mm up to 240mm x 320mm.

Why Choose Grip Seal Bags?

Our grip seal bags are made from heavy duty polythene, ensuring the material is durable limiting the likelihood of the bags breakings. This secures the contents and discourages frustrating situations that occur with less superior materials or bags without resealable grips where items may fall out and go missing.

The sealing feature on this bag is beneficial as it can be reopened as many times as you like allowing for the bags to be used for different purposes over its lifecycle.

Each bag can be individually labeled thanks to its handy panel that can be written on. When labeling grip seal bags ensure you write on it in large enough letters so it can be read from a distance, this will make finding what you’re looking for easier and increase efficiency in the workplace.

You will also aid organisation in the workplace due to the clear nature of our polythene bags. You can easily see what item is stored inside without having to open them. These bags also come in black which is a great way to colour code your goods, also aiding organisition and productivity.

Why not add your company’s logo to the label? This will act as a form of visual marketing each time a customer views the bags.

As these bags are reusable, they are not thrown out after a single use like other packaging supplies. This is great for industries that are looking to reduce waste and lower their environmental impact. Each heavy duty bag can ensure wear and tear and is built to last.

Our grip seal bags are 100% waterproof which means you can store precious items in them with confidence, without risking water damage. This includes memory cards and jewellery which may risk becoming tarnished.

Ferrari Packaging is an expert wholesale provider of packaging supplies. We deliver throughout the UK and offer next day delivery on certain products so you can enhance your packaging strategy in no time. Contact our expert team today to discuss your bulk packaging needs.

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