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Hand Stretch

Hand Stretch

Hand Stretch


Stretch film is made of Linear-Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) stretch film is an ideal product for wrapping and securing loads because of the stretchability it offers. Hand stretch wrap is a strong plastic film that is easily stretched around items, especially items on a pallet. As stretch film has a high level of tear and puncture resistance it means it can wrap around the corners of boxes and pallets and the load will remain stable. Hand stretch wrap is beneficial to your business as it means you have the ability to palletise your goods at any location.

Industrial production of LLDPE can be seen starting back in 1939 but the highly stretchable and ultra-strong product we know today was not created until 1982 saw industries move away from traditional monolayered film to three-layers.

Types of Hand Stretch Film

  • Blown stretch film is cooled with air during the production process. This product enjoys better tear and puncture resistance but typically is more expensive to produce.
  • Cast stretch film is produced using rollers and is the more affordable option, this type of film though offering slightly less tear and puncture resistant it will still accommodate most packaging applications well.

Benefits of Stretch Wrap

  • Using stretch wrap can help protect your goods from environmental factors like moisture and dust, ensuring your product is kept clean and without preventable damage.
  • Stretch wrap benefits from being transparent so you can easily identify the load.
  • Your stock will be more stable and the likelihood of the pallet shifting when being transported is reduced, diminishing the chance of damage.
  • Your staff will be more productive as you can wrap pallets quickly and efficiently.
  • Stretch wrap allows you do wrap and stabilise oddly shaped loads that would not typically be able to get stacked.
  • Most stretch wraps are 100% recyclable which will help reduce the carbon footprint of your company.
  • Wrapping your protects not only protects them from the environment but also adds added protection from possible pilferers. Opaque stretch wrap helps conceal your load and the security of the wrap itself makes the goods more difficult to access.
  • By utilising stretch wrap your pallets can be inventoried with ease and with accuracy.

Sanstrap Bands

Sanstrap pallet stretch bands are an innovative product that is 100% recyclable. They offer great elasticity and sit flush with your goods without sticking. These single bands are quick and easy to fit and can be disposed of with traditional stretch wraps.

Mini Stretch Handy Wrap

Mini hand stretch wraps are ideal when securing small loads or protecting edges. Mini handy stretch wrap is also helpful when wrapping difficult shapes. The film will only stick to itself and leaves no residue behind.

Blown Hand Stretch Film

Blown stretch film is best used when securing pallets by hand. It comes in black and transparent, black is ideal to use when you need to conceal your load for security purposes. Hand stretch films come with extending cores to ensure easy dispensing.




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