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Hazard Warning Labels

Hazard warning labels help to identify hazardous chemicals and can be used on a number of applications including fibreboard boxes, plywood cases, metal drums, plastic jerrycans, wrapped pallets & more. The adhesive labels comply with the ADR, RID, ADN, IMDG, IMO & IATA regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods.

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Product name Code
Black and White 9 Warning Labels 11-77E
Cargo Aircraft Only Warning Labels (250/roll) 11-77I
Corrosive 8 Hazard Warning Labels (250/roll) 11-77H
Flammable Gas Warning Labels (250/roll) 11-77C
Flammable Liquid Warning Labels (250/roll) 11-77D
Flammable Solid Warning Labels (250/roll) 11-77F
Highly Flammable Hazard Labels (250/roll) 11-77G
Non Flammable Gas Hazard Labels (250/roll) 11-77A
Toxic Gas Warning Labels (250/roll) 11-77B

Hazard Warning Labels

At Ferrari Packaging we have a range of Hazard and warning labels that can be very effective in a warehouse. An industrial business should have these labels in stock at all times in case any accidents occur or hazards arise. Having these labels on hand means that you are making a safer environment for your employees and preventing any potential accidents from arising. Be responsible for your staffs safety and ensure you have the appropriate Hazard warning labels in your work place.

What Are Hazard Stickers & Labels Used For

Accidents are bound to happen in the work place, however, it is  your responsibility to make sure every one is safe while they are performing their work tasks. 

It is not only your work employees who work in your warehouse or industrial are that need to be aware of potential risks but employees from other branches/departments, visitors or perhaps customers.

Using the appropriate hazard stickers & labels is the first step to keeping everyone who sets foot on your business sage. A hazard to the public or work personnel is your responsibility whether it is big or small. Although this may seem like an  effective move it will  ensure that a clear visual warning of a hazard is ahead that which may be of harm to anyone on the land.

Hazards In The Workplace

Make sure you are using hazard labels in the workplace as they can be used to highlight:

  • Slippery floors that may cause slips and falls
  • Low ceilings that can cause accident to employees or may damage higher equipment
  • Very hot water that could potentially burn your employees when they go to use that water supply
  • Dangerous gases such as LPG ( Liquefied Petroleum Gas ) that could cause air polutiion or fire danger.


These type of accidents can happen at any time and it is best to be prepared. Hazard safety labels & stickers could help reduce the amount of personal injury that occurs and reduces the chance of monetary claims being made. Make sure your business has Hazard Warning Labels at all times.


Safe Packaging Supplies Glasgow

At Ferrari Packaging we have worked towards making both your employees and packages safe. There are lotys of ways to improve the safety of your packages dueing delivery or in storage. Damages to your packaging could cost your business thousands of pounds in seconds and the costs of replacing products may drive your company out of business.

Your packaging strategy can be enhanced in just 24 hours with Ferrari Pakcgaing . Why waste money on packaging material like cardboard boxes when you have not invested in the right filling and protecting materials which will keep your products safe?

Make sure your business is buying extras like corrugated corner protectors and inflatable bottle packaging . At Ferrari Packaging we have over 50 years experience in the industry and can advise your business on the best protective measures.

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