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Wrap your parcels with brown Kraft paper rolls from Ferrari Packaging.

Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper

Wrap your parcels  effectively with brown Kraft paper rolls from Ferrari Packaging. Kraft paper has been used for many years throughout industries packaging strategies. “Kraft” is German for “strength” which is where the paper get its name, The kraft process, in which wood is converted into pulp gives the paper superior strength. Kraft pulp is darker than other wood pulps which is where it gets its signature brown colour from.

Benefits of Kraft paper

  • High tensile strength – ideal for packaging
  • 100% virgin fibre and sustainable
  • Ferrari Packaging offers wholesale Kraft paper rolls at low prices.

Imitation Kraft Paper

Made using recycled fibre, Imitation Kraft paper is a low-cost alternative to traditional virgin Kraft paper. Imitation Kraft paper has a ribbed appearance and is manufactured entirely from recycled fibres.

  • Imitation Kraft paper has a lower burst strength than pure Kraft paper but it is still suitable for a variety of applications.
  • Mainly suitable for light to medium use.
  • This versatile paper can be used as outer packaging, wrapping paper and as void filler.

Kraft Union Paper

The Kraft union paper keeps moisture and water out thanks to its waterproofing properties. It’s created by bonding two layers of high-quality Kraft paper with bitumen using laminate. This creates a very strong water resistant wrapper that stops your package from becoming damaged or wet in transit.

  • Thanks to this paper’s high tensile strength it means it will not break during shipping.
  • Your products will be protected against water and humidity during storage.
  • Your products will be protected against UV damage.
  • We offer Kraft union paper in multiple sizes, to suit your company’s individual packaging needs.

Kraft Waxed Paper

Waxed Kraft paper is saturated with wax that acts as a barrier against leaking fluids. It is ideally used for general export wrapping.

  • The wax presents a moisture resistant barrier.
  • Widely used within the engineering industry,
  • Waxed Kraft paper can be used to wrap and pack greasy or oily items without risk of leaking
  • This packaging material acts as a corrosion inhibitor for metal components and machined parts.

Cutter Stands from Ferrari Packaging

Our cutter stands are a great way to pack efficiently and tidily. You can manage rolls of kraft paper and cut them to the perfect size for all your wholesale packaging needs . The stands also act as bubble wrap dispenser cutters. We offer only the best range of cutter stands which will increase your warehouse productivity and increase the uniformity of your packaging.

  • Cutter stands assist your employees so they can pack for effectively
  • Our stands can be easily transported throughout your warehouse
  • Improve the organisation of your company
  • Organises Kraft paper rolls, fiberglass and foam
  • Suitable for all warehousing and shipping departments.

Ferrari Packaging are a Glasgow based packaging supplies company. We specialise in low cost, high-quality wholesale packaging goods that meet the needs of your company.  We deliver throughout Scotland and the UK. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.



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